by Mike Winger
Time Stamp Map 0:00 Introduction 1. 6:24 How did you initially find out about the WMSCOG, and what caused you to recognize the need for their teachings to be refuted? 2. 11:40 What are some of the books and other resources you used to delve into your research of this cult, and how did the difficulty of obtaining certain resources impact your studies? 3. 15:15 Overview of the origin & history of the WMSCOG, and their current teachings 4. 23:55 How does the WMSCOG's modalistic view of God allow them to elevate the position of key leaders in their organization? 5. 26:25 Does the WMSCOG believe there is a distinction between "Christ" and "Jesus"? 6. 27:23 How does the WMSCOG respond to the biblical truth that "the fullness of deity dwells bodily" in Christ (Colossians 2:9), and in all cults, how does their tendency to take verses of Scripture out of context affect their ability to spread false teaching? 7. 32:16 (Overview of the WMSCOG's current teachings *continued*) 8. 36:01 About AhnSahngHong's book, "The New Jerusalem and the Bride: Interpretation on Women's Veil" 9. 40:27 What are some of the definitive cultic characteristics of the WMSCOG, and how can having a solid Christian worldview serve as a safeguard for us against false teaching? 10. 42:12 About Steven Hassan, his books, and his B.I.T.E. Model of cult characteristics --43:19 B - Behavior Control --48:00 I - Information Control --1:05:02 T&E - Thought & Emotional Control 11. 1:00:07 and 2:00:53 If any of our listeners have WMSCOG books and would like to donate them to help equip our ministry, where can they send them? 12. 1:11:14 What role can spiritual warfare play in how the characteristics of the B.I.T.E. Model can affect cult members? 13. 1:13:05 When we engage in conversations with WMSCOG members, what are some of the key verses/arguments that get brought up, their perspective on how those verses/arguments support their theology, and some good responses we can offer to those verses/arguments? 14. 1:31:34 About the "Prophecy of the 40 Years of David" that WMSCOG members are taught 15. 1:38:53 Do you think the WMSCOG may claim that AhnSahngHong's baptism was at the age of 30 in order to strengthen the connection between him and Jesus (who was baptized at the age of 30)? 16. 1:39:33 About their observance of the feasts, and their claim that observance is necessary for salvation 17. 1:48:00 How do WMSCOG members interpret Galatians 4: 26, and how can we respond to that verse, offering them an explanation of its proper context? 18. 1:55:37 If I've come to realize that I've been a part of a cult (either formerly or presently), what should I do? Here is EVERYTHING I have on the WMSCOG. Please share this content with those who need it because there isn't nearly enough stuff out there on this group and they are making inroads all over the place. Cultish appears on podcast or on the YouTube channel Apologia Studios, here's a link.
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