by Mike Winger
Critics of Penal Substitutionary Atonement will often misrepresent it as "cosmic child abuse" or a slew of other straw men. This teaching is meant to showcase how many of the people who publicly criticize penal substitution do so by ignoring the core teaching and focusing on making a ridiculous and monstrous fake version of penal substitution which is designed to be so disgusting that you will reject it. The result of all this is that you reject the biblical teaching about Jesus' death on the cross because you've been misinformed about what it actually teaches. In today's live stream I'm tackling these representations and hope to offer some sober clarity on what Penal Substitution really is as well as to disarm the rhetoric of so many today who aren't dealing with it accurately. Here's my whole series on Penal Substitution (dealing with church history, scripture, rhetoric, philosophy and morality related to it) My work in this ministry is fully supported by donations and I intend to keep it that way so that everything I produce can be offered for free. If you want to help make this possible here's the link.
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