Today's video is really important to me. I think this tactic of having a distorted version of Jesus and using him to reject and reinterpret the Bible is a rising trend in progressive circles. I hope this short response will help those who have become confused by this tactic. I don't want us to replace the true Christ with a Christ fashioned after ourselves. This sort of thing promises that it will make Christianity more likeable but it ends up fundamentally changing Christian truth. 0:00 intro 0:18 to SKIP intro This clip is from a recent interview I did on Alisa Childers' channel. I took that interview and broke it down into topical videos dealing with the 23 different claims made by the "progressive Christian" Ragamuffin TV. You'll see a new video EVERY DAY until the whole series is uploaded. Here's a link where you can see EVERY video in this series (as they go up) Here are the links to the long form interviews which are on Alisa's channel Part 1 Part 2
Duration:5 mins 18 secs