Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 Introduction and a bit about the American Gospel movie 1. 5:15 Did Old Testament saints believe in "faith + works" for salvation? 2. 11:34 How familiar are you with Steven Furtick and Elevation Church? Is it wrong of me to be wary of mainstream churches that seem to be too "seeker-friendly"? 3. 15:22 How do you respond to Richard Carrier's argument that Jesus was in outer space and the Apostles where schizophrenic or schizotypal? 4. 18:33 In Romans 5: 12-21, does our nature inherit the guilt of Adam's sin, or are we only guilty of our own sin? In Hebrews 2: 17 and 4: 15, did Christ's human nature inherit Adam's sin, or just desire sin like us? 5. 27:19 How do you interpret the Beatitudes at the beginning of Matthew 5? 6. 30:57 What are your thoughts on the 2 trees in the Garden of Eden representing both the law and the Gospel in Genesis 3 (The Tree of Knowledge representing the law, and the Tree of life representing Christ)? 7. 32:13 Does it say in the Old Testament that Jesus will baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire? 8. 34:06 How would you biblically define our fallen state, and how would this compare to the Calvinistic view of "Total Depravity" and "Total Inability"? What are the key passages to help us understand our fallen state? 9. 38:45 How can we know that we're saved, when the heart is deceitful, since it's not biblical to believe that speaking in tongues is the indication of whether or not someone is saved? 10. 41:30 How often do you fast, and do you allow yourself coffee while fasting? 11. 42:51 I know that it's better than anything in this present Earth, but what does it mean to be "least in the Kingdom of Heaven"? 12. 45:01 What's wrong with "The Shack"? 13. 46:43 The book of James tells us that God will never tempt us, but in the Lord's Prayer, Jesus teaches us to ask the Father not to lead us into temptation. Why is this? 14. 51:24 Why didn't Jesus stone the adulteress, if it was written in the law to stone those found in that sin? Quick rules for the Q&A 1) Please wait to ask questions until the stream starts 2) Before you submit your question please reread it to make sure it's clear and that I will be able to figure out what you are asking. Thanks! 3) Do not ask your question multiple times because it confuses our mods when they are compiling the questions 4) I apologize ahead of time for those who ask important questions which I won't have time to answer. There's only one of me.
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