Open description for time stamps. Welcome to my Passion Project! Where real scholars test the wild claims of Brian Simmons about his new Bible, The Passion Translation, so that YOU can know what’s really going on with this suddenly popular new Bible version. Today's video features Dr. Douglas Moo and his thoughts after reviewing the book of Romans. Dr. Moo has invested much of his scholarly life on the book of Romans and I am so excited to have such an expert weigh in on The Passion Translation. There's a link below to where I will put ALL the reviews and papers as they are published. You should see a total of 5 uploaded by mid-January. After that I will need to wait a while for more scholars to finish their papers and do interviews. I hope to have it all done in the next few months. What's was my goal with this? I want the people of Christ to know the truth about this "translation" so that they can love what God has said without Brian Simmons altering it in unjustified ways. However, in the course of researching for this project I've uncovered some other very concerning things about Brian Simmons' teachings including false prophecy and various extreme claims regarding his own spiritual experiences. I'll be sharing some of this in future videos as well since I have realized that he is not just styling himself as a Bible translator but as an inspired Bible interpreter who is going to release a last days transformation in the people of God so that "everything that can be said about Jesus can be said about you". Yeah, it's weird. Stay tuned to my channel for more info on this in the coming weeks. LINK to all interviews AND papers as they are uploaded. If you are interested in Dr. Moo's books and commentary they can be found here. He's a brilliant and highly accomplished scholar and has a lot of interesting insights, especially on the letters of Paul. My website *These time stamps will begin working after the premiere has aired. 0:00 Brian Simmons says God "increased the capacity" of his brain. 0:26 Brian says God gave him secrets of Hebrew and Greek. 1:03 What is "My Passion Project" 1:16 What today's video is about. 2:46 Brian says God gave him extra special help from an angel to do the book of Romans. 3:25 Who is Dr. Douglas Moo and why did he review Romans in TPT? 5:13 What positive things does Dr. Moo have to say about TPT's rendering of Romans? 6:34 How TPT has a "confusing translation philosophy". 9:39 TPT adds stuff to the Bible. Examples given. 12:12 Brian Simmons presents himself as a spiritual guru. 13:34 Shocking claims in TPT commercial from Sid Roth's show. 14:29 The suspicious nature of a one-man translation. 16:00 Brian Simmons' wild claims about inspiration from God. 17:44 A CENTRAL issue showing TPT can't be trusted; "the Aramaic." 20:10 Brain is making stuff up and pretending it is "scholarship". 23:51 Simmons uses "false appeal to etymology" in TPT (a lot). 25:55 Testing one of Brian Simmons "secrets of Hebrew", Homonyms. 29:56 Brian Simmons claims he is a linguist but makes basic linguistic errors. 30:44 Example of "questionable interpretations" in Romans in TPT. 32:38 Footnotes in the TPT that Brian claims are from God are sometimes "frankly nonsense." 35:33 Does TPT look like it was reviewed by scholars as most translations are. 38:23 Dr. Moo views "translation" and "paraphrase" differently than others I have interviewed. 39:34 TPT says that it "reclaims lost Aramaic texts," what does Dr. Moo think about that? 41:20 The TPT web site claims it is "an excellent translation you can use as your primary text to seriously study God's word," Dr. Moo responds. 41:59 Dr. Moo responds to the Bill Johnson quote. 43:27 Is TPT misleading people in it's promotional material? 44:51 What would Dr. Moo say to someone who loves TPT? 45:43 Did God grow Brian's brain and did an angel really help him translate Romans? 50:47 Preview from next week's interview with Dr. Blomberg. 52:05 Special "cameo" from Brian Simmons.
Duration:52 mins 25 secs