by Mike Winger
When Jesus fed the 5,000 it was meant to teach them something really significant about who Jesus is. This meaning was largely lost on the people at the time and people in our time have much the same problem. In this passage we see Jesus as The Prophet like Moses. We also will get a taste of some "undesigned coincidences" which help confirm that the gospels are accurate accounts of actual history rather than the radically evolved oral traditions that some scholars suggest they are. There's also a wonderful lesson for those who are overworked in ministry and seeking to figure out how to balance their own needs and the needs of serving others. I hope the balance in this passage helps you balance your own life and to know how to take care of yourself, take appropriate breaks and remain unselfish while doing so. The miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 is pretty amazing and there's a lot we have to learn from it, but nothing is so wonderful as the light it sheds on the identity of Jesus. If you want to help support this ministry so that I can continue to make free theology and apologetics content then please click here to visit my web site.
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