by Mike Winger
This stuff should be obvious to all Christians but sadly, progressives have a way of making obvious things very confusing. Here's a look at what the book of Romans teaches about Christ's penal substitution. It gives us clear support for the idea that Jesus died in our place, suffering the penalty we deserved because of sin and thereby provided a way for us to be forgiven so that God could forgive us of our sins without violating His own righteousness and justice by failing to punish sin. This is a beautiful and biblical truth that is being fought against by an increasing number of those who call themselves Bible believing followers of Jesus. Well, I'm not here to rip on them, I'm here to help those who want to see for themselves how the scripture teaches this wonderful truth about the cross. Here's the whole playlist on Penal Substitutionary Atonement (or how Jesus saves us through the cross) My work in this ministry is fully supported by donations and I intend to keep it that way so that everything I produce can be offered for free. If you want to help make this possible here's the link.
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