How could it end any other way. Step one: Take Scripture out of context. Step two: Absolutely demonize those who disagree, with highly emotional and extremely judgmental language. Step three: Summarize your unbiblical views with utter hypocrisy and plank-eyed judgment toward anyone who dares to hold to a biblical Christianity. Step four: Conclude that your views, which Jesus most certainly would not have agreed with, are righteous and loving while those who disagree are going to go to your version of hell (but do this while condemning others for thinking they are righteous and loving and that those who disagree are going to their version of hell). Step five: Ignore all those who would rationally analyze your view and compare it to biblical teaching and historical Christianity. Here's Alisa Childers's channel. I recommend subscribing because I see so much value in her content. 0:00 intro 0:18 to SKIP intro This clip is from a recent interview I did on Alisa Childers' channel. I took that interview and broke it down into topical videos dealing with the 23 different claims made by the "progressive Christian" Ragamuffin TV. Here's a link where you can see EVERY video in this series (as they go up) Here are the links to the long form interviews which are on Alisa's channel Part 1 Part 2
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