by Mike Winger
I asked real people why they became pro-life. Here's what they said. What changed their minds should probably change yours too. I posted this question on Twitter the other day. "For those who went from pro-choice to pro-life I’m really interested to know what it was that changed your mind. Among all the possible reasons to change your mind, what was it that changed yours personally? I thought the answers were awesome! Here's a link to that thread on Twitter Here's the paper about a consensus of biologists saying human life begins at conception. I try to make everything I produce free so it can reach and minister to the largest number of people. If you want to help me in this mission please click here.

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so I asked a question on Twitter I asked a question on Twitter here's the question I asked right there I said to everybody who ever it whoever cares about my Twitter page I said for those who went from pro-choice to pro-life I'm really interested to know what it was that changed your mind among all the possible reasons to change your mind what was it that changed yours personally thanks for your answers now I often use Twitter not for I don't like debating on Twitter I think it's way too cumbersome of a platform for that but I like to just get people's thoughts you know I gather them and look at them I don't really want to fight them on those issues usually on twitter twitter is is a is a cesspool when it comes to arguing with people it seems to draw out the allylic but I thought that the answers that I got to this tweet were really really interesting and so I've gathered 8 of them 8 of the people who went from pro-choice to pro-life and they gave us their one reason or their number one reason or their pivotal reason like this is a thing that shifted them over from pro-choice to pro-life which is a big change because these two opposite ends really have very different things that they consider valuable to them you know so it's interesting to see what made them change their minds so we're gonna go through these different reasons today on the live stream and because this video that you ought to watch this live stream right now is gonna have some tough parts I first want to just make you smile so what I did was it I picked the nicest the happiest reason that I was given by the people on Twitter and here it is I'm sherry and thank you Twitter people for answering my question by the way there's a whole bunch of my link my Twitter thing in the / in the video description so you can go check out the whole conversation there if you'd like I just picked out eight eight specific people sherry is one of them though and she says my eight-week ultrasound I didn't see a clump of cells I saw my child I wasn't choosing if she would ever live she was already alive my choice was to keep her alive or kill her and this was Sherry's like aha moment for her this was like whoa seeing the ultrasound seeing this caused her to realize something that the barrier of her belly was keeping her from seeing she saw a bump well the ultrasound let her see a life and so what I've done is I've actually gathered some clips of some ultrasounds I'd like to share with you guys and this is actually uplifting I think everybody unless you have some kind of agenda against ultrasounds I think everybody would enjoy it be blessed by this little this little compilation yeah here's your big nose [Laughter] [Music] look at all the pictures we got you guys look how pretty she is she's so cute [Music] [Music] that's my son [Music] that's nice that's really nice I was like I don't want it to end I like watching these oh man he's like that's my son you notice something about these ultrasounds it's when these people when they see you know through the belly through the bump and they see what's making the bump everything changes right and all of a sudden they're not like it oh wait look at the fetus look at the embryo Wow look at that no instead they're like look at her look at him Wow and it's just the lights go on right the lights go on and first not for everybody plenty of people will see an ultrasound and then go have an abortion but they shouldn't I think I think what we're seeing here is something pretty powerful so I hope that that maybe that changed your mind maybe that's all you need this video for your mind has changed and good cuz that's what I want to happen I don't I'm not sure I manipulate you I just want to show you what's going on here so welcome welcome to the Tuesday livestream I'm Pastor Mike winger and I'm all about helping people learn how to think of it luckily about everything and tackle different issues that touch on the Christian worldview or theology or apologetics and this is definitely one of those major issues today and yeah we do with this every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time and I'm glad you join me I'm glad you join me it's all free all my contents totally free if your instead of supporting the ministry go for it there's a link below and all that but just know this the goal here is not to get your support the goal here is to minister to you and bless you that's it full stop right glorify God minister to people that's the goal and God's providing and we're secure right now like able to continue plowing forward I'm not an indecently financial danger anyway I'm just rejoicing because a year ago a year ago I was thinking I don't know if it's gonna work I don't know who's gonna work I'm gonna be trying to do this full-time now I don't know if this is gonna work or will I be looking for a job you know in six months and anyway God's open the door and I'm gonna keep on walking through it so here we are a reason number two reason number two this is from teaser money teaser money replied to me on Twitter and said knowing that the scientific community overwhelmingly agrees that human life begins at conception that was the thing that changed his mind he was like yeah I can't be pro-choice anymore you know he was thinking maybe it wasn't really a in life he says from then on it was easy I already believed that humans were made in the image of God and so here he is he's a Christian and he's he's get this blow your mind he's allowing his Christian worldview to change how he thinks about the topic of abortion that's like--that's proper Christianity this is good this is healthy we we have this weird thing and I don't know if it's just a it's not just America I'm sure other countries have this issue too where we almost feel like we have to like have our Christian worldview and our Christian beliefs like in a bubble separate from the rest of our lives and I'm sorry but it seems to me that you can't do that and follow Jesus at the same time like these you you can't segregate your Christian beliefs from your business and from your your work ethic and from your politics and from your your engagement with the culture around you you KITT you can't do that without separating Jesus and obedience to Jesus from those things as well so yeah he lets his Christian view handle this he just said yeah I just didn't I wasn't sure that the thing was alive when I found out that what was inside of the of the of the woman from conception was a living human being that changed everything for me well this is something I shared last week when we talked about this topic you know from a different angle and it's a paper from the printed are published by Steven Andrew Jacobs from the University of Chicago Division of Social Sciences department of comparative human development I thought I'd put the screenshot up here for you they surveyed over 5,000 biologists from over 1,000 different academic institutions and asked them when oh by ologist Oh Marty pants biology people Oh microscope addict's tell us when life begins and the overwhelming answer over ninety-five percent said that biological life the biological view is that life began at fertilization let me show you the quote from the paper I'll just grab the clip for you over 95% of all biologists affirmed the biological view that a human's life begins at fertilization human life begins at fertilization now what happened with was teaser teaser money oh is that our teaser monkey I've turned remember which one it was there let's go back and look teaser money alright with teaser money but what he did was he said hey I already have a philosophical view about life informed by my Christian principles that human life has incredible value all I needed to know is that that's a human life end of end of debate okay biologist you've helped me confirm it's a human life and my Christian moral worldview tells me that it's wrong to kill it so yeah duh I mean I don't need a consensus of biologists I mean if 95 percent of biologists said it wasn't human life I'd be shocked and I'd be like explain to me why please I mean it's it's alive by any meaningful definition of the word alive this thing this little boy or girl does it does it have DNA yeah it's got its own DNA different from the others it's it's so it's living it's it's human it's got human DNA it must be human just it's not um some other creature like it doesn't become human at some later stage this is just an early stage of human development some people who try to say that it's just sort of like part of the mom but that's so weird because then the baby in the womb would being part of the mom not just connected but part of the mom not just connected to mom this would mean that the mom has two brains for arms two spines for ears two different sets of DNA and she's about to split in two at some point at some point she turns into two people no so I'd be shocked if I just didn't come to this conclusion but I think it's important to realize that that for some people they're pro-choice because they haven't thought carefully about the fact that what is inside the womb is a human life that's a pretty big deal pretty big deal let's go to recent numbers reason number three here it is and I'm gonna go to your guys questions at the end of this stream so you can put those in the live chat right now just put a queue next to it and we'll gather in those questions and I'll answer as many of them as I can I try to answer them at some that are on topic when possible although I know there's always some that come in there on other topics and I'll I'll do my best to give you the best answer that I have off the top of my head Josh says this josh says my natural reaction was to be pro-choice but as I aged I realized there isn't a good reason to be from a Christian moral standpoint if human life is sacred then when that process starts there isn't a moral reason to stop to stop it unless the mother's life is in danger now in the last reason the last person who changed their mind teaser money he said that it was because he already believed human life was sacred and he just needed to know if life had begun at conception he gets confirmation for that and he says okay I'm I'm pro life now now for Josh it was a different reason he he's having the philosophical question he's like for some reason I want to be pro-choice I have a natural tendency to be pro-choice and I think a lot of people are like this they don't think deeply about the issue which I understand that's how we usually start with most issues we just our gut reaction to them right and they just naturally want to be pro-choice they think pro-choice is feminism or pro-choice is women's rights or pro-choice is that the debt but something happened as Josh thought and matured and grew in his age he realized there isn't a good reason to be pro-choice from a Christian moral standpoint so he had an inclination to be pro-choice but not good reasons and this might be the case for you if you ask yourself I'm pro-choice but why am i pro-choice why like let me think it through like without anger without demonizing other people let me just think it through why am i pro-choice and he found he didn't have good moral reasons to do that as a Christian because simply human life is sacred human life is sacred now this is where obviously someone who's not a Christian might not feel the same way and I'll say well if you don't think human life is sacred then then and this is a really a big deal something's wrong with your morals your moral compass if you don't think human life is sacred human life is sacred then who is it okay to kill everybody anybody this is a this is the ultimately that is a manifestation thinking that human life itself is not sake we're not having incredible value is a manifestation of a rebellion against God of a heart that has turned from its creator and that is is becoming calloused or enable unable to sense moral truth and there's a whole nother issue going on there but I like to share with you some of the biblical basis for this and it's in Genesis chapter 9 verse 5 this is where after the flood guy gives a command not just to the Jews not just in the law of Moses to the to the Hebrews or to the Jewish people but rather he gives it to all mankind he says and for your lifeblood I will require a reckoning from every Beast I will require it and from man from his fellow man I will require a reckoning for the life of man in order to kill someone you're gonna be in trouble and then verse 6 whoever sheds the blood of man by man shall his blood be shed for God made man in his own image there's what happens you kill you get the death penalty that's a divine prerogative God's establishing that he's assigning because he only has the right to take life but he says hey humans you can require blood that blood you know murderer gets the death penalty and then there's a whole other debate on that but I think that's what Scripture seems to just plainly teach but there's a reason for it it's because God has made in may man is made in God's image God has made us in His image I'm in God's image now that that nature of being in the image of God elevates me above all other animals I'm not like an intelligent monkey there's something qualitatively different about a human being that goes beyond just us being more advanced rather we're in God's image there's something of the the immeasurable value of the Creator that he has placed upon us and so human value human life that impulse that humans have value incredible immeasurable value that that is a divine divinely given impulse that's true it's a true thing so this is what it what changed it for for Josh it was when he realized hey human life is sacred human life is sacred now I want to respond real quick to a possible objection on this one some people would say but Mike doesn't doesn't that just from in limited to blood it says blood shed and people want to sometimes they want to take the Bible not not uh not just literally but with like a wooden literalism that was not meant to be read read with and so they'll say hey this means that that as long as you know you're not shedding blood it's not really killing you could argue this okay because it says if he sheds blood and so babies if they're not if they don't have blood yet you're not shedding their blood then technically you're not killing them now this is a strange argument because this argument isn't an argument that you can kill babies at a certain age it's rather an argument that babies aren't alive at that age you see the difference right they're not alive because of life and blood or somehow intricately connected so first thing I'll me just say this blood represents life it doesn't it's not like the beginning point of life that's not what the scripture is saying it's representative of life this is why it's used in the Old Testament in the Levitical sacrificial system they would take the blood and sprinkle it as a representation of the life of the animal being offered to God this is a representation that's what it would take were cleansed by the blood of Christ it's representative of his life being given to us He gave His life to us so it's a representational thing it's not a beginning point of life that's not what other scripture is clearly teaching here no now if you did take it that way if if life begins when blood first forms well that's three weeks in that's like day 21 most people don't really know they're pregnant until after this point and so if you're gonna argue this way and be I think a problematic Bible interpreter then you're gonna have to argue that all abortions after the 21st day are murder that would be the consistent view that you would have to have think about that think about that now I'll say that's also not what Scripture is teaching so just to kind of push you on what follows if you hold that view I remember though this this angle of just saying hey let me just let me just say God says you know human life is valuable don't murder like that's the whole argument I remember having a long argument with a family member about this and they talked about like you know what about abortion rates and what about wire hangers and back-alley abortions and and what about women who aren't ready to have a kid and kids born into poverty and all these kinds of questions and we had a long discussion about it it was it was it was intense but it wasn't angry right it was just like heavy a heavy talk but it wasn't angry but at the end of it I realized that none of the arguments I hadn't mattered like they would ask a question like what about back-alley abortions and I was like well you know when you you know this is this is not justified to kill one person you know in order to prevent someone from dying while trying to kill that person right that doesn't make sense that's not justified I would give these kinds of answers what about rape well you don't you don't kill the child for the sins of the father we don't kill the you know the child for the father having committed a rape do we we don't do that and I would say Oh what about a one-year-old could you kill a one-year-old after because the father committed rape no of course not and they would offer all these types of things well finally at the end of the conversation I just got to the point where I I just I realize there's there's nothing I can say that matters I questions with good answers but the person doesn't care and so I said to them thou shalt not murder and they said what about rape again and I said well you shall not murder and then they asked another question so but you shall not murder and I became this broken record probably annoying to some people you shall not murder you shall not murder you shall not murder and this person would proclaim they believed in God and believed the Bible and so it was years later the next time abortion came up with that family member whom I love and care about and when abortion came up with that person he didn't come up with me in them it came up with them and another family member and that family member said something about abortion and I kid you not this person I love turned to them and said thou shalt not murder and it was just you see sometimes with abortion we have calluses built up in our heart against the obvious truth of the issue and sometimes this stripping away of the callus is simply the proclamation that you don't kill people that's just it you shall not murder and so that made a difference for at least that person and others have felt the same thing let's look at reason number four numero cuatro this is from serious supernova she says the fact what changed her mind was the fact that all the choice is decided by one person when in reality there are two people involved this was the big revelation for her and was cool about this has actually talked about this in last week's live stream where we talked about abortion and actually a pro-choice artist who drew some images about Jesus supporting abortion I asked her some questions privately about it she blocked me online and then we discussed that the image and the propaganda of the movement and what we find in the propaganda of the pro-choice movement is to constantly forget that there's a child involved not just forget excuse me to purposely cover up the fact that there is a second individual involved it's not just the mother it's also the child or the baby or the infant or the fetus or whatever term you want to use to talk about this living human being inside that belly well this is what changed it for Syria supernovas she said I realized that all these pro-choice arguments fall apart when you realize that you don't have a choice to kill other people like you know doesn't matter how much freedom of choice you have it doesn't give you the right to kill someone so you can't argue for choice to kill choice is trumped by life every time right to life Trump's right to choice that's how it works and how it has to work in our culture this was like the big thing that changed it for her and I think that's appropriate I think it should change it for her I think you should change it for a lot of people who are supporting abortion thinking there isn't a living little human that's being killed it's a choice to kill and so we get propaganda from the pro-choice side and they say things like it they don't like to refer to the baby as a he or she or the term baby they'll say you know fetus or whatever now they like to say terminate instead of kill we're terminating or we're removing a pregnancy we're removing we're just gonna remove a pregnancy here like to avoid the idea that there's a second individual living individual being dealt with or even the term abortion like nobody would be pro-choice if it was Pro killing like nobody would be that right that it has to be slogan eyes to hide the idea that there is a second living human being that's being dealt with not just a mother so they say right to choose but they don't talk about right to choose to kill no not that or that it's about women's rights but they don't talk about the fact that over 50% of abortions are performed on a little tiny women or they attach to defend ISM whatever it's all just distractions from this fact it's decided by one person that it's really about two people all right let's look at number five number five comes from Dominic kalana who says when I read a description of a partial birth abortion this was the thing that blew his mind that really changed his view on the issue he read a description of a partial birth abortion why is this because most people when they think about abortions they're probably not really aware of what it is they're supporting they're just thinking it's just you know the baby just goes away poof gone but they don't realize that's not what it is so what I'm gonna do with you guys I'm gonna share with you video right now now this is not graphic video of like a gory type of thing it's cartoon eyes okay but what it is is a descriptive video from a medical doctor just explaining what a procedure of abortion is like in this case in the third trimester I have three of these videos I think you'll find them interesting very informative well-done and tastefully done considering that they could be pretty gory stuff if they decided to put up those kinds of images but it's not it's very much brought they just way hinder it from being that kind of gore it's not like that so this is something I'm hoping everyone is going to be able to say wow that was that was really well done that was a really proper presentation on the topic these videos I'm going to share with you all three are from live-action Org live-action they are not sponsored by them it's gonna sound like it in a second here but what happened was I sent them an email and told them what I was doing and asked him permission to share some other videos and they and they gave me permission to share any of their videos I wanted for the for the pro-life cause and I was like that's what I had a hack you know so I'm gonna put three of their videos because I'm not worried about copyright issues and the videos are tremendously helpful so here's the first one this is what Dominic kallana found out this is what changed his mind why he went from pro-choice to pro-life because he didn't realize what abortion actually was [Music] my name is dr. Anthony levatino I'm a practicing obstetrician gynecologist and I've performed over 1,200 abortions today I'm going to describe a third trimester induced abortion which is performed at 25 weeks to term at this point the baby is almost fully developed and viable meaning he or she could survive outside the womb if the mother were to go into labor prematurely because the baby is so large and developed this procedure takes three or four days to complete on day one the abortionist uses a large needle to inject a drug called digoxin digoxin is generally used to treat heart problems but a high enough dosage of digoxin will cause fatal cardiac arrest the abortionists inserts the needle with the digoxin through the woman's abdomen or through her vagina and into the baby targeting either the head torso or heart the baby will feel it babies at this stage feel pain when the needle pierces the baby's body and the digoxin takes effect the life of the baby will end the abortionist then inserts multiple sticks of seaweed called laminaria into the woman's cervix they will slowly open up the cervix for delivery of a stillborn baby while the woman waits for the laminaria to dilate her cervix she carries her dead baby inside of her for 2 to 3 days on day 2 the abortionist replaces the laminaria and may perform a second ultrasound to ensure the baby is dead if the child is still alive he administers another lethal dose of digoxin the woman then goes back to where she is staying while her cervix continues to dilate if she goes into labor and is unable to make it to the clinic in time she will give birth at home or in a hotel in this case she may be advised to deliver her baby into a bathroom toilet the abortionist then comes to remove the baby and clean up if she can make it to the clinic she will do so during her severus contractions and deliver her dead son or daughter if the baby does not come out hole then the procedure becomes a D&E a dilation and evacuation and the abortionist uses clamps and forceps to dismember the baby piece by piece once the placenta and all the parts have been removed the abortion is complete late term abortions have a high risk of hemorrhage lacerations and uterine perforation x' as well as a risk of maternal death future pregnancies are also at a greater risk for loss or premature delivery due to abortion-related trauma and injury to the cervix okay I already know I already know a lot of people are like whoa I did not know that but some others are watching right now and I try to sometimes be aware of objectors as I'm teaching as I'm sharing I want to be thinking about what objectors might say and they're thinking Mike third term that's a third term abortion Mike you're trying to make it look like all abortions are third term and that's not at all my case rather what I'm showing you is this this is Dominic kallana who says when I read a description of a partial birth abortion I gave you a much tamer version of abortion than what freaked him out what freaked him out is a abortion where the baby is partially delivered and then stabbed in the head it's halfway out of the mom and because if it comes out all the way they may legally have to protect this baby they have to make sure to kill it before it makes its full trip out of the mom that's what freaked him out I didn't even show you that but you should know the more common abortions are also not acceptable this is a second trimester abortion it's younger and earlier than the last one that I just showed you today I'm going to describe a second trimester surgical abortion called dilatation and evacuation or D&E adeney is performed between 13 and 24 weeks of pregnancy after administering anesthesia the abortionist uses a weighted speculum like this one that opens the vagina widely because second trimester babies are so large this greater access facilitates a late-term abortion late term abortion requires that the cervix be prepared 24 to 48 hours in advance with laminaria laminaria is a type of sterilized seaweed that absorbs water over eight to 12 hours and swells to several times its original diameter once removed metal dilators can be used to further open the cervix as needed once the cervix has been stretched open the tube is placed inside a baby at 20 weeks gestation is as big as the length of my hand from head to rump not counting the legs the suction machine is turned on and pale yellow amniotic fluid surrounding the baby is suctioned out through the catheters the baby's this big they don't fit through catheters this size the baby's bones and skull are too strong to be torn apart by suction alone this is a Sofer clamp a Sofer clamp is made of stainless steel it's about 13 inches long the business end is about two and a half inches long and a half-inch wide and there are rows of sharp teeth this is a grasping instrument when it gets ahold of something it does not let go the abortionist uses this clamp to grasp an arm or leg once he has a firm grip the abortionist pulls hard in order to tear the limb from the baby's body one by one the rest of the limbs are removed along with the intestines the spine and the heart and lungs usually the most difficult part of the procedure is extracting the baby's head which is about the size of a large plum at 20 weeks the head is grasped and crushed the abortionist knows he has crushed the skull when a white substance comes out of the cervix this was the baby's brains the abortionist then removes skull pieces he removes the placenta and any leftover parts of the baby with a curette scraping the lining of the uterus for any remaining tissue the abortionist then collects the baby parts and reassembles them to make sure that there are two arms two legs and all the pieces once all the parts have been accounted for the abortion is complete for the woman this procedure carries a significant risk of major complications including perforation or laceration of the uterus or cervix with possible damage to the bowel bladder and other maternal organs infection and hemorrhage can also occur which can even lead to death future pregnancies are also at greater risk for loss or premature delivery due to abortion-related trauma and injury to the cervix Wow did you know that were you aware of that you know even when women are in the office talking about an abortion procedure they're about to happen it's not abnormal for the people telling them what's gonna happen to hide the details to try to use as muddy of terminology as possible to try to keep them from understanding what's actually happening now they understandably are worried about the heart of that woman I don't want you to feel bad like I don't this is gonna be hard I don't only you feel guilty but but there's a proper place for feeling bad and guilt and it's to keep us from doing things like this and it's for us after we've done those things to turn to God for forgiveness and be restored and forgiven but to turn to Him to turn away from those things to him that's the proper place of guilt I think our country suffers from a our world from a lot of mismanaged guilt I should do a video on that someday I think Miss Manners guilt is a real problem but yet you're saying but Mike what about the first trimester what is that and I think that that's a good question and that's this this description of the first trimester and this this helps you understand that because we we don't see the baby there's a belly in the way we think nothing's going on with an abortion or maybe even if she just took a pill just a pill right it was just a pill it was the tools so nothing's really going on right well that may not be the case today I'm going to describe a first trimester medical abortion this is a procedure in which the mother swallows pills in order to terminate her baby and it is performed up to the tenth week of pregnancy the procedure involves two steps step one at the abortion clinic or doctor's office the woman takes pills which contain meth a pris tone also called are you 46 are you 46 blocks the action of a hormone called progesterone progesterone is naturally produced in the mother's body to stabilize the lining of the uterus when are you 46 blocks progesterone the lining of the mother's uterus breaks down cutting off blood and nourishment to the baby who then dies inside the mother's womb it is important to note that even after has been taken it is possible to reverse the effects of ru 46 and save the baby if progesterone is administered the sooner the better step to 24 to 48 hours after taking are you 46 the woman takes misoprostol also called site attack that is administered either orally or vaginally are you 46 and misoprostol together caused severe cramping contractions and often heavy bleeding to force the dead baby out of the woman's uterus the process can be very intense and painful and the bleeding and contractions can last from a few hours to several days while she could lose her baby anytime and anywhere during this process the woman will often sit on a toilet as she prepares to expel the child which he will then flush she may even see her dead baby within the pregnancy sac at nine weeks for example the baby will be almost an inch long and if she looks carefully she might be able to count the fingers and toes after she is disposed of her baby the woman may have bleeding and spotting for several weeks bleeding lasts on average 9 to 16 days 8% of women bleed more than 30 days and 1% require hospitalization because of heavy bleeding the failure rate increases as the pregnancy progresses if failure occurs she will usually be offered a surgical abortion for the mother medical abortion often causes abdominal pain nausea vomiting diarrhea headache and heavy bleeding maternal deaths have occurred most frequently due to infection and undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy as I mentioned at the beginning I'm dr. Anthony levatino and in the early part of my career as an OBGYN I performed over 1,200 abortions one day after completing one of those abortions I looked at the remains of a preborn child whose life I had ended and all I could see was someone's son or daughter I came to realize that killing a baby at any stage of pregnancy for any reason is wrong I want you to know today no matter where you're at or what you've done you can change make a decision today to protect the preborn thank you for your time I will no longer do any more abortions when you finally figure out yes I'm going to check out this this website or live actions or too long to figure out it doesn't matter a baby is this big or this yeah now what I want to what I want to do is moving on to the next one but those those videos are available you could share them you could take one of them you could you could bring it to other people and have them check it out and there's so much anger on the topic of abortion I try to divest myself of that stuff as much as possible but yeah it's it's as bad as it looks it's it's as rough as it sounds and the issue is something we need to wake our country up to and waking the country up is gonna be about talking about unpleasant things to a lot of people who just would rather not hear it and just go about their day but let's look at the next one number six this is the seeker who replied to my tweet and said when you realize there's actually a market for dead fetuses this was the thing he realized this was the thing that caused his eyes to open up and say wait a minute there they're selling these babies body parts there they're making money millions and millions of dollars off of abortions I mean hundreds and hundreds and thousands of abortions every year and they're making massive amounts of money off of these things and in case you didn't know this you're like but wait a minute let me take Planned Parenthood for example some say Planned Parenthood's only got 3% of their of their product is from abortions and I mean you know the rest of the stuff that they do their services aren't related to abortion they're not making their money it's a look it's a small thing it's a small thing it's I mean by conservative estimates over 800,000 abortions in the US last year alone by conservative estimates look let's look at this video though and examine the claim since I have the ability now to take all of live actions content and just completely steal it and throw it up on my stuff I'm gonna play one more here it is America's largest abortion chain Planned Parenthood claims over and over and over again that abortion is only 3% of the services that they offer that's your self-reported abortion statistic 3% of all the procedures we provide it's in their annual report it's on their website and their supporters say it all the time and abortions only comprise 3% of Planned Parenthood's health services abortion services only account for about 3% because only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortions 3% of patients visit Planned Parenthood for a safe and legal abortion here's why that statistic is completely bogus and why the senior editor of the online magazine slate said that the 3% stat was the quote most meaningless abortion statistic ever and why the Washington Post fact checker gave Planned Parenthood's 3% statistic three Pinocchio's marking it as quote very misleading let's look at the numbers according to their own annual report Planned Parenthood commits over 300,000 abortions per year last year alone they did three hundred and twenty three thousand 999 abortions which averages to 887 abortions per day 37 abortions per hour one abortion every 97 seconds again Planned Parenthood commits one abortion every 97 seconds but how much of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion well let's divide the number of abortions they do in a year by the number of patients they see in here three hundred twenty three thousand nine hundred ninety nine abortions for 2.5 million patients means that one in eight patients who walk into Planned Parenthood will undergo an abortion not one in 33 Elizabeth Warren one in eight it's easy to see where Planned Parenthood's priorities are they commit 160 abortions for everyone adoption referral the Planned Parenthood constantly talks about the breast exams and pap tests they only do less than one percent of the nation's Pap test and 1.8 percent of the nation's breast exams while they do 30.6% a third of the nation's abortions but that's a public relations problem so Planned Parenthood came up with a creative way to make their big business abortion look very small to get the 3 percent figure Planned Parenthood divides abortions by the number of so-called services which they define is a discreet clinical interaction and they count all these services equally regardless of the cost time or effort it takes to render that service so an entire abortion procedure which can cost from 390 to $1500 is counted the same as a pregnancy test which a girl could get at a pharmacy for ten dollars in this way Planned Parenthood is able to count nine point four million services divided three hundred twenty three thousand nine hundred ninety nine abortions by nine point four million services and they get three percent it's easy to see why this math is completely ridiculous say a woman goes to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion she gets her pregnancy test the abortion procedure an STI tests and some contraceptives in one visit she gets four services one of which is the actual abortion so Planned Parenthood would say that abortion was only 25% of what they did for that woman who came into the clinic only for an abortion well by this math even if 100% of Planned Parenthood patients got an abortion they would still say abortion is only twenty five percent of their services such distorted calculations could be used to obscure the purpose of any business it would be like the NFL saying that because they sold five million hotdogs in a season and there were only two hundred and fifty six games football is only points zero zero five percent of what they do or would be like a steak house saying actually steak is only a very small percentage of what we serve because we also serve salad mashed potatoes french fries beer wine soda water butter salt pepper ketchup toothpicks and breast mints we'd say yeah right you're a steakhouse just like Planned Parenthood is an abortion corporation yeah yeah live-action org you guys want to check out these videos there's tons of them I recommend looking through there you can even see behind the scenes stuff where they went to Planned Parenthood and recorded secretly recorded the conversations they had with employees they're helping helping a pimp to hide his prostitute you know being underage I mean there's it's it's atrocious their stuffs atrocious it's the pain parent has a cancer but the abortion issues bigger than Planned Parenthood the point here is that there's a market for this stuff and at least for the seeker for him he was like man I didn't realize that there were just victims that we were protecting I didn't realize there were a bunch of people making money off of this thing and that they would have an agenda to keep making their money and so you can look into more of that on your own if you like let's look at number seven we got two more to go number seven the real hope she says when I was pregnant I wasn't even a Christian yet I just knew how hard it was trying to keep the baby alive and couldn't imagine thinking it would be okay for anyone to purposely kill a baby growing inside them it was just it was intuitive to her it was the act of becoming pregnant caused her maternal instincts to kick in and she went I would do whatever I had to do to keep this baby alive she obviously had some kind of complications in her pregnancy and she was doing everything she could everything she could and that seems to be the right thing to do I remember one time I was at an abortion clinic and I was one of those hateful horrible mean guys who's angry and and and inconsiderate and I was standing there with signs and and and trying to talk to people who were walking in and just being a real all-around pain in the butt and as I was there across the street from us there was a car accident and lo and behold and where the car accident was where that happened there was a pregnant woman in the car and so we kind of went over there real quick I mean I had had like CPR training and I just thought there's a chance plus I was I was a police chaplain at the time and so I thought maybe there's something I can do to help here so I went over and the woman comes out of the car and I realized she's pregnant and we're all worried they know did the seatbelt smash on her belly or did anything weird happen is she okay is she is she all right we're just concerned about her she was obviously very pregnant and she seemed to be fine and we were relieved we're relieved and the irony of the moment struck me here on one side of the street was a woman everyone's worried about the the baby the most important thing to us in that accident was the baby right more than anybody else we were worried about that baby not the cars not the people the baby across the street people were killing their babies the irony of the moment the dark sad irony of the moment Wow Wow you know in our culture we we realize this we see this our hypocrisy comes out when we say that if a man kills a pregnant woman and then the baby dies and the woman dies we say he should be charged with double homicide he killed two people it was it was two murders that went on there this is like a natural gut reaction yeah of course this is obviously true but but then you can go and you can kill that baby and it's okay it's okay so this this whole idea the real hope is just pointing out the obvious the obvious hypocrisy when we see our value for life transferred onto a baby it gets higher not lower and how others want to actually terminate that life last reason excuse me the last reasons from logos apologetics who said I realize basically all the pro-choice arguments apply to a baby when it's one year old as well as inside the womb now this slow down and take this in because this is about this is this isn't just about like a gut level moral reasoning which is healthy we should have gut level moral reasoning but this is this is about like thoughtful argumentation like hmm I actually tried to weigh the arguments for killing a baby and as I weighed them out I realized that the arguments for killing a baby in the womb would all apply to a one-year-old wait a minute but I know it's wrong to kill a one-year-old you you can't justify killing one person if that same justification would let you kill someone else and we all agree that that's wrong let me give you an example of this and this comes from a video I did a while ago where we use the sled argument s led s led sled now the the word sleds an acronym to describe what's different about an infant in the womb or a preborn baby versus a post born what's the difference between them well the only differences are size level of development the ia's environment and India's degree of dependency size level of development environment degree of dependency now you can't kill people based on their size so it doesn't make sense to say well but that but in the womb the baby is very small it will I put a one-year-olds also really small compared mean I'm 6 feet tall now when I was 1 year old I was really small or how about 20 minutes after I was born I was tiny why was it so does my size make me more valuable or are smaller people less valuable that doesn't make any sense it seems like human value is either an on top or off thing it's you have it or you don't how can you have it in degrees like that and how can size be the thing that gives you the degree or or is it level of development level of development okay well you know a baby in the womb it doesn't have the the brain functioning you know fully yet doesn't have the fully central central nervous system in place at this whatever stage you want to pick arbitrarily of the development now the Bloods not pumping yet it sits about 18 days instead of 21 so there's no blood yet the you know that these are arbitrary things but you just throw them out there and say well there's different level of development but I could say well the one-year-old doesn't have a real functioning brain doesn't even have a fully developed frontal lobe won't for like 20 something years by the way right that's you remember when you got really smart all of a sudden when you were like 25 and you're like whoa it's like I understand life all of a sudden you know it's because your brain got done and and then it starts degrading after that pretty much but but yeah so there's there's the brain okay but a one-year-old has a completely underdeveloped brain that completely underdeveloped a reproductive system you know basically then we could say that there's less human rights for anyone under under puberty because they're not developed enough okay well that's a problem and then as people age it's like they regress in a sense I mean they lose the development features and so we can see someone who's not as mentally astute who's physically disabled their level of development is now degrading we don't think we can kill them now so when a rational evaluation size doesn't work level of development doesn't work you would you would have to say that we can kill lots of people other than just abortions environment doesn't work I mean is there is there something that's different about the trip from you know in the mother's womb to out of the mother that that gives you human rights think about this for a second you're telling me that if I'm I'm I'm you know eight months from conception and I'm in the womb I have no rights but but in the in the room next to me there's a woman who just gave birth she gave birth prematurely their child's eight months old just like me but that one has human rights that doesn't make any sense environment or location can't give me Human Rights it doesn't make any sense guys this is silly in the final one degree of dependency degree of dependency Lloyd said well the baby's dependent on the mother you know the child's using the mother in the womb is using the mother's organs and body systems and stuff to develop and it would say yes but this is natural this isn't like a like an abuse i someone on twitter said that forcing a woman to continue a pregnancy is slavery slavery well i mean in a sense motherhood is slavery that's just they face it right but but not in reality like this is an actual that this is rather natural and natural and proper dependency that children have on their parents right and it happens in the womb and guess what happens outside the womb a one-year-old will not survive unless the parents use their organs to help that baby so you but you can't leave the child of to die of exposure because you just don't feel like using your organs to deal with the baby that doesn't make any sense so size level of development environment degree of dependency if you want to have a rational evaluation of the morality of why you might justify killing the preborn then all the reasons you can give fall short because most of them can be used to kill a one-year-old as well just about all of them except for environment but then you're basically saying the only way to make environment work is by saying that in the womb is the only place where humans have no rights everywhere else we're at now we have rights that's called moral depravity to say a thing like that if you don't see it i don't know how to make you see it you got issues and so those are the eight reasons and i want to tell you why i did this before i go to your guys questions because i have them already have a bunch lined up why did this video because sometimes what should your mind doesn't change your mind like I can offer reasons to change her mind on abortion but I don't know what's actually gonna land like what is gonna actually make a difference to you personally and my thought was by asking normal real people what actually changed your mind and then just putting those reasons in front of everybody that it would find more normal people and change their minds yeah you should change your mind on this issue it's not a women's rights issue that's a deception right this is a human rights issue human rights that's what it's about and so I hope it changes your mind because wow what have we done what have we done as a nation what have we done as a people what have we supported and if you and if that hits you if you're like what have I done I did I had an abortion I had several abortions how can I even look myself in the face I mean but look at the doctor who was just up there he committed to over 1200 abortions and now who what's he doing he's fighting for the pro-life cause now he's making a difference hopefully he came to Christ and he found forgiveness for his sin because Jesus didn't just die for people who have issues he died for sinners he paid the price like his death was the price fully paid for the sin that you committed and so I'm extending to you not only the awareness of the issue of the sin but also I want to extend to you the grace and love of God through Jesus Christ that you put your faith in your trust in him who died for you because he loved you so much and there's the forgiveness don't try to hide from the guilt and try to justify it instead just take it to the cross and let him wash you clean all right Anna Beshear has a question and it says hi Pastor Mike hi Anna wondering what your take is on vaccines I'll preface this by saying I don't know that much about vaccines Anna I so I don't want to comment as though I do but I'll read your question you're considering some vaccines contain cells from aborted babies which is the biggest issue but all vaccines contain disease proven neurotoxins in animal blood and DNA Jobe 14-4 is the verse you offer me here and I'll look it up based on scripture I can't see anything backing vaccines only against Christians can never give straight you give a straight answer when I show them the evidence job 14 for ah okay let's see here I want to bring you guys back to the text and there it is Joe 14 forces who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean there is not one there is not one let's see what is the context of this path of this passage here so its job is the one speaking and he says a man who was born of a woman is few of days and full of trouble he comes out like a flower and withers he flees like a shadow and continues not and do you not and do you open your eyes on such a one and bring him and bring me into judgment with you who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean thing there is not one and so it seems to me that what job is saying is that he's sort of like doomed from birth he's born as an unclean thing and the active of birth especially in the Jewish context and there's a debate on whether job had had the law of Moses and stuff or not like what were you date him but in the Jewish context giving it that context tiled for discussion he the act of birth was a bloody act is a bloody act right so it would have ceremonial uncleanness and so he'll like he's saying like I was sort of like doomed to start with now here's here's my concern I don't think this passage applies to vaccines I'm not I'm not answering the vaccine question I'm saying I don't think this passage applies to vaccines for a few reasons the unclean thing it seems in the passages Jobe himself and Jesus does make us clean and he does bring an unclean thing into cleanness and job is complaining and griping a lot here and later in the book he's like and what if what a fool I was so I don't want to form too much doctrine off of what Jobe says without carefully evaluating what he says so he doesn't say no one including God can bring a clean thing out of an unclean thing Jesus was certainly born of a virgin and he was clean you know right he was clean throughout so I would say that the Bible seems to be telling Joe ah there is one who can do this and it's God but I think it has nothing to do with vaccines that would be that's my short exegesis passage I think it has nothing to do with vaccines vaccines themselves if if it's something that's being using aborted babies then I think it would be morally wrong if it's not if it's the other question on vaccines about are they healthy are they're hurtful is it some kind of conspiracy going on I'm not convinced that they are but I'm not weighing in on this because I have not done my homework on it I just think that's a separate question so I would I would isolate all these questions does the Bible say something about vaccines not to my knowledge does bit aborted baby fetuses being used in vaccines I mean you shouldn't use them I think morally yes that seems easy are there other reasons to not have vaccines well I will start a flame war if I say yes or no here but but I'm not I think that's unrelated to the abortion question all right so GD says what do I tell my father who thinks that it's illogical for a guy like me to wait till marriage to have sex he thinks since I already lost my virginity there's no point yeah you know what I met students as a youth pastor I met lots of students who felt this way who felt even before is just having friends right who felt like well I already blew it you know I already lost my virginity and therefore what's the point I may as well just have sex whatever and um could you imagine though applying that principle to other rules in life other things in life like I already stole one car like what's the point in not stealing cars for the rest of my life I'm just gonna go ahead and steal cars or I already committed adultery once Wow what's the point in staying faithful now like I've already broken the faithfulness thing and so I'm just gonna go ahead and go for it and this is the problem here is that we're thinking of sexual purity as something you have until you break it and then it's broken and it's it's over like it's over after you lost your virginity it's now over but yet there is still intended to be sexual faithfulness even after sexual failings and there is still intended to be a in obedience even after a failure and that's that's the whole point is like hey just cuz I blew it that doesn't mean blow it again that's all that's all that I mean that's the easiest answer your father thinks to till logical free to wait to have sex well I mean I had family that thought all sorts of weird things that I was going to stay pure until marriage they thought it was weird they wondered about me and because it's weird to them that you're following Jesus in these areas in your life I say just just patiently seek the Lord obey God follow him focus on having a godly relationship focus on on having godly principles and behaviors in your mayor right not not only staying sexually pure but having also godly principles like how you talk to her how you respect her how you treat each other that you have biblical marriage and if you do that one day your dad will look back and be like wow I don't know why but that's working for some reason and hopefully that will be a testimony to him I can say it is to my family when they look and they're like well some for some reason his life's working out that's kind of weird I guess because he has all these weird rules yeah Toby Noble says part one he probably put two comments and they were group joined by a by my mind Sarah Toby Noble says I've seen other apologetics other I've seen another apologetic who is under the impression that God did not create the universe but only gave an already existing universe its function and took it out of a chaos also that God did not create Adam and Eve but gave them purpose told them to marry and be functional as a couple and more odd ideas theistic evolution I've seen this apologetic labeled as a Christian apologetic but don't most theistic evolution ideas completely contradict most of Genesis alone not to mention more thanks okay let me I'm just in my head as I read these questions sometimes I try to like pull them into categories because often the questions are complicated like layers of issues so well let me talk about first off I think you're talking about inspiring philosophy because I was looking at some of his content recently on Genesis and and seeing some of the stuff he's he's done on it and I'm not I'm not okay I've made are not on board with his interpretation exactly but here's the thing Michael Jones inspiring philosophy he's a brother in Christ he's my brother in Christ and he's trying to defend the scripture best way he knows how when it comes to Genesis I have more questions than answers when it comes to the opening chapters of Genesis when it comes to specifically how they're properly ought to be interpreted because I found that some of the young earth creationist views that I was raised with they they weren't answering some of the other thoughtful looks at Genesis and so it kind of put me a little bit on the fence right now I'm like I'm not really sure what my view is and I don't mean here that Oh Mike Mike's gonna change his view on Genesis because he's being pressured by modern science or something I'm actually I think of these as two separate questions we have the text question and we have the science question what does the text say that's a separate question right the other question okay what about the sign to the earth and and fossil evidence and all those kinds of things separate question the question I have more interest in is what does the text say and long story short I think there's more of a case that can be made for views other than young Earth Creationism then what I thought in the past but I don't know what my view is on this and I don't like stepping into areas where I'm unconvinced and I'm not sure what to think and so for that I say yeah like IP he's doing he's doing what he can't I don't have a perfect evaluation of his content because it's just some of this just kind of over my head but at least for the moment but that being said I know his view he's not saying I think if I understand him right he's not saying that God didn't create the whole universe out of nothing he's not saying that he's he's asking about specifically the phrase in Genesis in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth that that may refer to not just the moment God created everything but his ordering of everything I think we would still argue probably he would - from the book of Hebrews that the Bible does clearly say God creates the universe out of nothing ex nihilo he's just not using Genesis to do that he'll we'll do it in another passage I think that might be his view I could be completely wrong please take my hesitancy as indication that you need to find out on your own what those views are okay as far as the function view no I'm not personally convinced I think it seems a little bit weird to me the the assigning functions view of Genesis for those who are familiar with it John Walton pioneers this view and I know Michael Jones really is a big fan of Walton but I haven't done all my homework to be able to speak authoritative Leon etre or even super convinced I'm just what little I've done says I don't really care too much for that and so yeah is it Christian well it may or may not be accurate but it's it's Christian I mean they're holding to the essentials of the Christian faith absolutely are I believe they are so I don't think this is an in-house debate amongst Christians that here this is not humorous creationism vs. the world there is a in-house discussion about the book of Genesis that needs to continue taking place until we can all get more clarity on this stuff currently a lot of you were like me and you're going hmm I'm interested I believe Scripture no compromise there I believe God's Word is correct no compromise there but if you can show me good hermeneutical reasons to consider your your interpretation I'll listen all right there you go if I didn't confuse you we'll move on Slovaks TRIZ says hey Mike what do you think of this virus that's spreading all over are you prepared for the shortage of food that the who is warning the u.s. to prepare for the World Health Organization I don't even know about that I'm kind of clueless what do I think about it I I I haven't been looking that much into it what little I've looked into it it sounds confusing to me I hear numbers coming out of China that sound like they're a lot lower than I would expect them to be but then I hear that what I've heard is that they closed like Disneyland in Hong Kong they like closed it and and all the businesses Amman shut down and I know someone from China who left when this thing first started and they're getting reports from their family that things are all shut down and that it's like so on one hand it sounds it just sounds confusing it's like what's really going on I don't know and I don't intend to do all the work to find out I just refuse to leave my house for the next three months and so if someone could send me some food that'd be nice jo CJ says some christians say that if couples want to live by faith they should have as many children as possible how would you respond to that Josie I I don't think that there's any command that you have to have as many children as possible how we take be fruitful and multiply there's a couple different ways to look at that and I don't I don't know for sure how much of a mandate it is for every couple to have as many kids as possible there is refutation in Scripture for the idea of trying to rob a woman who's trying to have a child trying to keep her from doing that Onan who God kills because he's trying to do that because but it's not just that he's not trying to have as many kids as possible I don't personally think there's anything wrong with family planning to at least some degree then the question is to what degree to what degree do you do that that I'm not I'm not a hundred percent sure that there's a rule I can dump on everybody else Eddie Vasquez says if a baby is killed in the womb or shortly after what kind of body will it have in heaven well I my thought Eddie is that we're probably all gonna have glorified bodies that are fully mature this is my impression that we're gonna have that I mean if if I died at 14 am i stuck in a 14 year old body well what is a 14 year old glorified body the glorified body doesn't seem to age so it seems like it's there's some kind of static or not static in the complete sense but on non decaying form that we will have in our glorified bodies and first Corinthian 15 talks about this you know the our corruption was put on incorruption the mortal must put on immortality if you're 90 years old and you die of old age I don't think gonna be resurrected into a 90 year old old decrepit body so I my thought is that because I think old people will probably be younger I would probably think young people would be older with at least physically if you could call that older with a glorified body I mean what's age with a glorified body anyway big Gucci so so baby says the big question I have struggle with is there any circumstances that it is biblically right for abortion for example rape or life of the mother at stake I don't think rape is it is a legitimate example because we don't have any justification to kill the child that was the result of a rape like let's say it's a six-month-old baby and you find out this has been the result of a rape and the woman's like I'm so traumatized I can't even look at this baby it looks like that guy that raped me and so she's like can I kill it I mean the answer is obviously no obviously no you can adopt the child or you can just go to counseling and try to put a process through this horrible trauma you've been through but you're not allowed to kill the baby that's not okay the same is true for the one in the womb rape is in crazy tough situation it just doesn't justify killing someone who wasn't the rapist now if I want to talk about whether we should kill the rapist that's a whole nother conversation I come a lot more interested in that but but yeah now the other question you asked about the life of the mother I think in principle this seems easy because if a mother is going to die while carrying this baby the first option is to do a c-section or delivery and get that baby out of the mother now you've saved both of them okay you've saved both of them on the other hand if the if the baby's not viable there's no viability in the baby and you you you can't deliver the baby or you can't the mom can't go through that for whatever reason then the result is you're gonna lose two lives right because mom's gonna die and baby's gonna die well I'm pro-life right I want to save as many lives as possible this is this rare exception where I would say yes I think abortion this is the one and only time that it would be justified now here's another debate that comes up is that scenario ever gonna really happen in real life and the pro-choice people I've heard them say it happens all the time but I've heard a couple doctors who are pro-life but they're doctors who say dude this never really happens this just doesn't happen so I think a pro-choice person could say in principle that would be the one exception but in practicality that may never really happen but if it did I would I would be okay with it um it wouldn't be easy it'd be tough but that'd be my that'd be my understanding of it and most pro-life people I've talked to they have the same view on this issue and then debate about whether it ever does happen or not Drexler new ball says how do you respond to people that say the the phrase this generation in the Olivet discourse is always used to address the people directly speaking to therefore it cannot mean a future generation i I think if they say that I want to see them prove it like whenever someone says this generation has to always mean this you know that's a pretty big burden they they have they keep I can show them any example of the phrase this generation and they have to show me it always means that and not just in the text of Scripture I would want to see outside scripture too so yeah I wouldn't I don't want to see them prove it first I don't think that's the case though and I have a video on was Jesus a failed apocalyptic prophet or something like that was Jesus a failed prophet where I go through the Olivet discourse and talk about this very issue you might want to check that out maybe one of the mods could drop that in the live chat if you have a chance I'm just saying says how many pro-choice persons are animal rights activists that would protest if veterinarian's made abortion a normal practice for dogs cats horses rabbits mice monkeys etc I wonder that'd be a really interesting poll is to just go out and do a poll here you pro-choice where do you where do you draw the line if they draw the line anywhere and then ask them do you think it's okay to abort a dog babies you know or a monkeys babies or rabbits babies do you think that that's okay or you know you know are you vegan are you vegan it's like it's I I won't eat meat I won't eat any animal product but abortions okay because these these are inconsistent views I'll be interesting to look at Michael Baer rubes says can you do a video on pneumatology soon it's something I feel is heavily misunderstood misrepresented in a lot of churches today thanks for your videos they're a huge blessing I'll consider it Michael I'm really loaded up right now at the moment though with a bunch of plans so pneumatology is is the theology about the holy spirit right Numa spirit so it's about the holy spirit or it could be about I guess you could be our spirits you can talk about as well let's see Robert John bag 6 says any option using contraceptives I I think the question about contraceptives contraceptives is are they abortifacient meaning do they cause an abortion or do they prevent conception preventing conception I don't personally see this moral it's a different let me first say this is a different moral question than abortion preventing conception is not the same as abortion right a couple when they know that they are when they know that the woman's fertile and they not they don't sleep together that night they're preventing conception aren't they I mean so that's not the same as having an abortion but the question is is it having an abortion and I think that we would anybody who's going to use any kind of abortion or see me birth control related material or contraceptives they need to do their research and make sure that they know what's happening chemically because even doctors will sometimes muddy the waters and not tell you what's really up cowboy Zeke says where can I get those videos cowboy Zeke you can get them on live action org that's where I got all the videos I share with you guys today live action org great site and I pinned a link to it in the video description or you see me in the first comment on this video on YouTube followers follower Jesus says hi Mike what's your view on Luke 14:33 and Luke 12 33 mmm Luke 14:33 it says so therefore any of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple and then Luke 12 33 he says sell your possessions give to the needy provide yourselves as moneybags that do not grow old with the treasure in the heavens that does not fail where no thief approaches and no moth destroys for where your treasure is there will your heart be also I think that go back to the home page I think that Jesus gives us here how do I put this hyperbolic examples of what it means to follow him entirely and completely follow him but do we see for instance in the New Testament one way to check this is faithful followers of Jesus were they all poor with no money because they gave away all their money well no we have like Lydia who's a seller of purple who continues her business after becoming a Christian and out of the funds of her business she supports missionaries we actually see a few women who do this so this this sort of thing was going on in the early church if that was like a regular principle or rule for everybody I would expect to see it consistently followed rather if it however is an extreme example of Jesus like when he says you have to hate your father and mother if you want to come after me hate your father and mother you want to come after me sell all this you have you know those types of things I think what he's doing here is he's he's taking our attention and he's saying what I want you to do is and here's my application is your whole life every penny in your bank account every day every moment all that you would love all that you are it's for me now it belongs to me now it's seeking first my kingdom and my righteousness and I will take care of you and those other things but rather I do think there's Christians who are called to be businessmen who are called to do well but the question is does your money belong to Jesus or is it just a percentage of it you know all right running towards the end here for tonight Hana Mart hanim Mabry says our morning-after pills not also a form of abortion yeah they definitely are a morning-after pill would be a form of abortion and we're gonna we're gonna you could look at that is more on your own but it is for sure now the the thing I just last thing from Sarah Zimmerman she says people are complaining because there was no cat cam today well there was no cat today the cat was sometimes she hangs out up on top of the bookcase there and she's not anymore she came down though she's in her spot if you'll give me a moment I'll bring my my little webcam over and I'll point it at my cat for you all because this is really the most important thing so just don't here comes the cad/cam device is not available I probably should I didn't plug it in one second this is really this is what it's all about guys this this is what Bible thinker ministry is really about the cat camp there you go so sometimes she sits next to me sometimes she doesn't that's that's kind of how it works there y'all all right well I hope y'all really guys a really great night y'all I encourage you to be not only changing your mind from pro-choice to pro-life but but mobilize yourself go do something about it if you think this precious little cute little cat has value right yeah if you think this cat has value and so do babies and more and it's good for us to do something about it change the world and you can you change one person you may have just saved a life so let's let's mobilize let's make people a little more uncomfortable about the topic so they can get right with the Lord on it god bless you thanks for joining me

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