by Mike Winger
When people ask for evidence for God are they putting up a smokescreen? Is there such a thing as "blind unbelief"? It's remarkable to me, how much the Pharisees in this story are like many today who reject the evidence for Jesus while asking for evidence for Jesus. Now, please listen carefully to this message because I am NOT trying to say that everyone who doesn't believe is the same as these Pharisees. I am saying that a lot of people are, and while I know that some will find this offensive I ask that they be open-minded enough to consider the possibility that what happened to Hume, Atkins, Dillahunty, and Flew could be happening to them as well. This is part 27 in the ongoing series through the whole Gospel of Mark. Here's the whole playlist. Here's the link I mentioned where Atkins admits to his atheism that not even evidence can refute. If you want to support this ministry and my continued production of free content please click here
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