by Mike Winger
I've heard whole Bible studies through the passage where Jesus calms the storm where the teacher fails to identify a key point in it. When Jesus commanded the storm to cease it revealed something of the divinity of Jesus that had the apostles in awe and reverence for Jesus in a whole new way. Even though they had previously seen Jesus cast out demons and heal the sick, this act of commanding a storm to stop meant something to these first century Jews which is often overlooked by people today. This is part 15 in the Mark series covering theology and apologetics through a verse by verse study of the Gospel of Mark. Here is the whole playlist (new vids added weekly) If you want to help support this ministry and the free content I make every week then please click here. BibleThinker coffee mugs are available here. Made by a potter who is a fan of this ministry. I have use Logos Bible software for many years and have recently partnered with them to get you a 10% discount and some free books if you use this affiliate link and the code BIBLETHINKER8.
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