by Mike Winger
Find out what I said to her in a private message that got her to block me on Twitter. And see how this art perfectly represents the propaganda of the pro-choice movement. We can actually learn a TON from how this artist is abusing the words of Jesus to support abortion. See the art, understand what it means, and learn how it totally distorts the teachings of Jesus. This is that artist whose work I am critiquing. I want to make sure to give her full credit. If you want to check out her work this is her Twitter page (although I can no longer see what's on it) Some of the issues that will come up in today's live stream. Does Jesus saying "With you always" mean that He supports abortion? Why does this art ignore the issue of the baby? Which side of the abortion line would Jesus actually be on, based on HIS OWN words? Why don't pro-choice people want a calm, rational conversation? Here's a short video explaining what happens in a pill abortion. The video in this link does have drawn images but no actual photos. We really need to know what this is since people think it's not a big deal to take pills that cause abortions. Published paper on consensus of Biologists saying human life begins at conception If you love this teaching and want to support it please click here.
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