Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 Intro and announcements. 5:55 A Christian view of racism. 14:06 Is it biblical to believe that physical healing is equal to salvation in the atonement? 18:07 What is your advice for a new believer encountering militant anti-theists? 21:14 Is creation in Genesis 1 to be taken literally, as in 6 24-hour days, and why? 24:37 What is food offered to idols? In Acts 15: 20 and Revelation 2: 20, is there a law we have to keep? Is Halal food offered to idols? 31:14 Once someone is born again, can they lose their salvation due to bad behavior? 33:43 What does it mean to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength? 36:25 How can a person be sanctified? 40:46 What is your advice for a new Christian who is having trouble getting into the routine of studying Scripture and praying? 44:11 Should new Christians avoid watching non-Christian movies? 47:20 Is there such a thing as a non-Trinitarian Christian? 48:25 How can I gently correct a friend who thinks we can "speak things into existence"? 49:43 Is my pastor my "spiritual father"? 51:05 Is speaking in tongues required? 54:17 Is it biblical to have to do baptism classes and pass a test before being baptized, instead of being baptized right away? 56:29 Please explain "original sin"...Is it inherited, or something we commit? Are children born corrupted? 58:27 How can I help my little brother get closer to the Lord, in addition to Bible study and teaching him what's right and wrong? 59:47 Are the soul and the spirit two different things, and if so, what is the difference? 1:00:24 What law is in our hearts? 1:02:29 What are the "essentials" of the Christian faith? 1:04:04 What should I do if I've realized that my own church is taking after Bethel's "word-of-faith" model? My website Get your own BibleThinker mug here!
Duration:1 hr 7 mins 59 secs