by Mike Winger
Jesus' interaction with the rich, young ruler has been used by some to promote socialism and others have approached it looking for an explanation of justification like what we find in Romans. After spending some time on this passage and in the Gospel of Mark as a whole I think both of these approaches are wrong. This will be a careful, vs by vs study of Jesus' interaction with the rich man in Mark 10. We'll look at some controversy about this passage but our main concern will be to hear Jesus' radical call to come to Him for salvation, which is impossible for us to obtain without Him, and to come fully invested in His kingdom. What Jesus teaches through this encounter gives us not only an offer of salvation but a call to discipleship, where Jesus is not only a source of forgiveness, He is the very purpose of our live's and choosing Him means choosing His kingdom over our own or the kingdom of this age. It's that last part that I think people overlook when teaching on the rich man and I hope that this study helps you to understand it well. For all the videos in the Mark click here -
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