by Mike Winger
Here are all the questions and time stamps to them. Thanks to Sarah Zimmerman for providing them! 1. 2:48 Do you think the flood in Genesis was local or global? Do you think it matters a great deal either way/affects the intention/theology of the event? 2. 6:41 Have you ever heard of John G. Lake Ministries, or Curry Blake? If yes, what are your thoughts on their theology? If no, can I pay you to research them? 3. 7:35 Can you explain the reason Jesus cursed the fig tree in Mark 11? 4. 11:27 What does it mean to be “born of water” in John 3: 5? 5. 15:13 Is Romans 1: 20 a good verse to help refute the doctrine of “Total Depravity”? 6. 16:59 How do you love God more? 7. 18:28 I feel the Enemy attacking me as if he’s trying to make me fall. Please help me. What can I do, or what verses should I read? 8. 20:22 How should we reconcile the baptism verses in the book of Acts (Acts 2: 38, 19: 5-6, 10: 48, 8: 16) with Matthew 28: 19? 9. 27:29 Why can’t we be forgiven after death if God’s mercy is forever? 10. 28:24 Do you believe we can lose our salvation? 11. 29:22 Why did God permit the serpent to deceive Adam and Eve? 12. 31:21 I’m starting Bible college in August. Any advice for me? 13. 32:00 Why do we translate Yeshua into Jesus and not Joshua? 14. 33:19 Do women need to wear head coverings when praying or prophesying? 15. 33:35 In 1 Corinthians 3: 15, it seems to mention that even “carnal Christians” can be saved. Does this mean Heaven will have some form of hierarchy among Christians? 16. 39:08 What is the best way to use apologetics to witness to your family? 17. 40:02 Can you explain “saved by faith alone”? Does that mean even if you go on sinning you still have salvation just because you believe? 18. 42:37 What is the difference between a false teacher and someone whose interpretation you simply don’t agree with? 19. 43:42 What is your opinion on nudity in art? 20. 46:03 I know the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection is very strong, but what about the evidence for His virgin birth? 21. 47:49 What is your take on Acts 4: 32-37? Why don’t we see this practice more in congregations today? 22. 51:25 What powers or abilities do demons have? 23. 55:27 Why can an atheist appear to be a better person than a Christian? 24. 56:44 Why would God ever order someone to be killed (ex: in the Old Testament)? 25. 1:00:57 Speaking in tongues is something that really confuses me. Is it real? 26. 1:02:32 How does one make sure that he does not elevate Christian thought and scholarship above God, especially in disciplines like apologetics? How do you avoid making intellect an idol? 27. 1:05:11 Who is the Bride of Christ and the 144,000 in the book of Revelation? 28. 1:06:01 Do you think people should go to college to become a pastor? 29. 1:07:06 I left a church because they taught KJV onlyism and only sang hymns. They thought that contemporary worship music was worldly and not pleasing to God but I really liked the warm, loving people. 30. 1:09:24 What good apologetic books do you recommend? 31. 1:10:27 My Christian friend says we should not offend people while sharing the Gospel. My understanding was that they must get offended in order to be convicted of their sin and see their need for Jesus. What are your thoughts? 32. 1:11:40 What can you share about the “old Earth/young Earth” topic of discussion? 33. 1:13:37 What is your opinion on Christians doing yoga? 34. 1:13:54 How do we know if Joseph Smith was wrong theologically but the Book of Mormon is right? I see more contradictions within the D&C and not really in the Book of Mormon. 35. 1:15:53 Where is your church located? If you want to support the work I do with this ministry then click here.

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we're live welcome welcome to the Tuesday livestream I'm answering your questions today from the live chat so begin you can start putting your questions and put a capital Q next to your question if you'd like me to answer it I have a couple of quick rules for you guys for tonight nothing crazy but trolls will not really be tolerated that much and know what I'm not gonna spend all my time trying to prove that you're a troll because that's just part of your trolling for those of you that are like that trolls never think they're trolls anyways so that's not the issue but that doesn't mean you can't ask me a hard question or a serious question or a question I don't even know the answer to so I'm a pastor I care about theology and apologetics and I will give you the best answer I can at least off the top of my head that is always a limited spectrum of information I'll give you the best answer I can though and I will I will shoot straight with you and all that kind of good thing so I'm welcome welcoming those those tough questions that's fine but it's not stump the pastor I mean if your goal is to stump me that I mean that in itself is a troll thing if your goal however is to get insight information understanding to grow in your knowledge hear another opinion to think about those types of things then welcome my friend glad you're joining me alright let me only pull over appreciate information on our camera I some right here I wanted to wanted to share with you guys well I guess so much going on right now this is one of reasons why I'm doing Q&A is often if I do a Q&A it's because I'm already steeped in a bunch of studies and I'm preparing for future videos and future teachings or even you know events I'm sharing at and so that I'm not able to prepare a lot like you know I went for the livestream so I use that opportunity to do the Q&A to do that stuff if you're watching this after the fact there will eventually like within a 24 hours will have a timestamp map in the video description as well as the first comment on the video on YouTube for people who are on mobile so you could just click and navigate to exactly different questions you're interested in mmm what was that I wanted to share with y'all there was something I'm working on a project a secret project right now involving several different scholars Bible scholars yeah yeah that's right but that's all I'm telling you that's just started this week I'm excited about it and I have no other information thanks for joining me you guys appreciate you being here let's let's let's just go to those questions as soon as we can I should probably figure out where I left my cell phone ah because this is how I get your questions all right here we go this is our questions coming in from our super mod AJ Bernard who is there handling and filtering through and only giving me the best of all the questions he certainly doesn't just send them to me without reading them yeah actually that probably happens more often than not especially in the beginning of the stream because as if he had the time to read them think them through think through them all but here we are ok so first last has a question and first last hi good to see you here I recognize your screen name I know you've been with me for a long time do you think the flood in Genesis was global or the known world at the time do you think it matters a great deal which either way do you think it matters a great deal either way or affects the intention or theology of the event good questions really good questions let me start by saying I don't know what the right answers are to this question I care about it I've thought about it a lot I've read different resources on it and heard different people and debates on it and that kind of thing and me to be honest I'm not quite sure and I'll give you a couple the reasons why at least why I'm somewhat on the fence on the topic of the scope of the flood you do not need to be on the fence maybe you know the right answer and I'm just the one who's ignorant here or been confused because I read too much information about it that can happen you can get information overload where even though the truth is in the mix you just have read so much stuff that you don't even know what you're thinking anymore and that point it's nice to step back and sort of give yourself some space and time and rethink this stuff through when you have the time to really methodically look at it and not just sort of consume a massive amount that's just good advice as humans you know anyhow there's times in the in the in the Bible where it talks about all the land and it clearly doesn't mean the whole planet Earth in fact there's a there's times where it uses the word earth and it clearly does not mean the planet Earth in fact I would say that's pretty much what it always mean it's like it is I look at the word earth throughout the use of the Old Testament in context it's very often or maybe every single time you can make a good case that it's never talking about the planet and that doesn't mean that the Bible never addresses the whole planet right but when it talks about the earth and the Seas now it's the whole planet I think the word earth more often means the dry ground so continental areas and Islands this is Earth the way that we in the old school days would think earth earth earth so yeah like anyway I can give you some more examples it's a much more drawn-out discussion than that but my my thought is that um that seeing some of these things happen even in the book of Genesis like at the end of Genesis where it talks about how everyone was a cross around the whole earth or I should say throughout the whole earth everyone was coming to Egypt during the famine this is in the book of Genesis towards the end in the in a time of Jacob so the famines coming and everyone throughout the earth comes to Egypt well I mean if we read that sort of like with our lenses on it the way we use the word earth we're thinking so people in like South Africa went to Egypt people in like Yugoslavia people in North America now obviously this is not the case but it's a term that they would use more flexibly and less universally than we would even though in English we would naturally read it to be universal that's a language and culture issue so that's one of the reasons why I'm a little bit on the fence on the topic yeah now does it affect the theology of the event not really in my opinion this this is a question of the scope of the destruction it's not about the theology of the event you could have a local flood that does kill all mankind every human dies you could have a global flood that kills all mankind you could have a local flood that kills all mankind with which the text is concerned I find that a little bit harder to swallow personally but I'm just saying you could that's one possible interpretation then but this doesn't really affect the theology that much because the theology of the flood is that God is judging man because of sin and the picture of Christ is still there throughout the text I don't I don't I think it's more about the accuracy of the text is that gives the question not the theology that it's teaching in that regard anyway big big I'm gonna get a flood of comments now because of that question filled with skill one says hello Mike have you ever heard of John G Lake ministries or Currie Blake if yes what are your thoughts on their theology if no I will pay you to research them well Phil I would have I would have moral objections to to being paid to research a particular person's theology if you want me to get on get them on my radar which they're not right now what you would need to show me is how two things one is how wide is their impact right and then the second thing is that nobody else is really handling their theology that gets me going hey man they're having a big impact and no one else is addressing this that makes me very motivated to it to tackle and get into things so that those are the two things that I'll be interested to see butBut I've heard of John G Lake the name rings a bell don't know the first thing about him curry Blake don't know the first thing about them don't know if they're right on or totally off sorry I can't help you more let's see third question here jumping like a monkey says can you explain the reason Jesus cursed the fig tree in mark 11 you know I don't know if it was a private conversation or a public conversation recently this came up this issue of Jesus cursing the fit oh I remember it was when I was on the livestream with David Wood on acts 17 apologetics on his channel I did a livestream with him kind of impromptu with no preparation whatsoever which is like I don't do at any rate we did that now you could you could find that live stream if you like but let me let me just take us there today here's our software and we were looking for the the fig tree here it is okay so mark 8 starting in verse 12 on the following day when they came from Bethany he was hungry and seeing in the distance of fig tree in leaf he went to see if he could find anything on it when he came to it he found nothing but leaves for it was not the season for figs and he said to it may no one ever eat fruit from you again and his disciples heard it now in the Gospel of Mark there's these what we call him marking sandwiches this is this is well hold on let me let me come back to market sandwiches a second this is exciting I'm teaching through this in my verse by verse study through the Gospel of Mark we'll talk about this again when I get there and Marco but let me just just say these are connected stories the next thing that happens is Jesus goes to the temple and he finds them you know selling basically making merchandise instead of worshipping and prayer that that's what the focus is and so he rips into them he really really makes a big deal about it the next thing that happens verse 20 in Mark 11 is as they passed by in the morning they saw the fig tree withered away to its roots and Peter remembered and said to him rabbi look the fig tree you was that you cursed has withered and jesus answered them have faith in God truly I say to you whoever says to this mountain be taken up and thrown into the sea and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will come to pass it will be done for him therefore I tell you and he it turns into a teaching on prayer now the question is is the fig tree only a teaching on prayer is that what Mark is giving us that it's only a teaching about prayer hey you can curse fig trees I don't think so I think that the mark and sandwich thing which is a that's a well-established thing that happens in the Gospel of Mark mark and sandwiches are aware of mark in the gospel he starts a story then the story feels like it's interrupted with another story or or as saying or something that seems disconnected then it finishes the story and usually that thing in the middle is put there intentionally in order to be like a theological hint or to give you basically context you interpret the story correctly what's happening in the Gospel of Mark right here is we're finding that Jesus he goes to the tree and there's no fruit on it so he curses it he comes to the temple and there's no fruit in the temple he overturns the tables with the fig tree it stands as a symbol of the fact that Israel should be bearing fruit receiving their Messiah showing the fruit of the Word of God in their lives but they've been doing their own thing they've been living their own way they haven't been seeking the Lord first and so then when he comes back just like with the fig tree as later when they come back it's gonna be decimated and the temple ended up being destroyed in 70 AD that's my short version the fig tree relates to Israel and while their destruction is is complete in a sense in 70 AD it's not permanent we have prophecy in several places in the New Testament that they will one day be restored and I rejoice in that but I do think the fig tree is related to that yeahthere's picture of Israel not ready for Jesus when he comes and so he gives this illustration let's look at the next question Jay Shai says what do you think being born of water means in John 3:5 well that's a that's a bit of a tough one to be honest Jay I in John 3:5 I'm inclined to think being born of water I think there's two opposites whether just say two options that I would lean towards my own personal private study of the passage what I what I came to I'll bring it up for you guys to see is something I felt like made sense in the passage and made a lot of sense but I'm not sure if I got that quite right or not so I'm just gonna put it out here for you guys John 3:5 says jesus answered truly truly I say to you unless one is born of water and the spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God now there are some who would say well this born of water thing this is talking about being baptized and you can't be you can't be saved unless you're baptized and they will use this verse as evidence of that I'm opposed to that view I think that in fact I have teaching online about does bapt is wider baptism required to save us I did a whole debate on the topic of big for I'm not kidding for hours I think it is of debate me and a friend of mine Dean we would open meet Dean Meadows we went over this topic in great detail so no I don't think it's the case we have clear examples in the book of Acts of like Cornelius this guy was absolutely saved before he was baptized absolutely he's speaking in tongues they Tet salvation has come to the people and the Holy Spirit filled them before they were baptized and we have examples throughout the text of Scripture people who were say without being baptized so then what is this about well my initial inclination after studying it years ago was to think that born of water was referring to that the water birth like our initial birth is born in water where we're babies in in not literal h2o but in the water sac we call it right amniotic fluid and so that's the idea born of water so you have to be born twice Jesus his whole point to Nicodemus is you need to be born twice right he reiterates this in verse 6 that which is born of flesh is flesh that will be the water birth and that which is born of spirit is spirit and you can go on and you can see there's two births not not three it's not born of flesh born of water born of spirit that's three births that so that was my initial interpretation of this passage now I have read some commentaries that their Greek is way beyond me that recommend that none own you can't really interpret the Greek to think born of water and the Spirit is two different things that with Jesus is the Greek structure here is saying that born of water and spirit is the same birth that's one thing so whatever born of water is born of spirit is the same thing now then my interpretation would be that we're talking about not just physical baptism right but the thing that baptism represents and I think this is consistent in other places in the New Testament which where it talks about how we're saved and it mentions our baptism we're baptized into Christ death now I think that you could be baptized in that spiritual sense whether or not you've had the water baptism you can even have a water baptism whether or not you've had that real spiritual change and so that the water becomes like an outward expression of it but not not is not necessary for salvation and I think that marries all of those scriptures together even if you do take a water represents water baptism view of this passage anyway I think that probably a more careful explanation of it would be in order but that's this is my QA version of everything so so there's two possible interpretations and how I would reconcile them with my understanding that baptism is not required for salvation read about Cornelius if you if you struggle with this Cornelius absolutely saved definitely not baptized at the time so yeah there's something for you to think about see what else we got here Katie O'Brien me take us back to our home screen so you can look at my guitar in the background Katie O'Brien says is Romans 1:20 or good verse to help refute the belief of total depravity hmm there's lots of lots of landmines being thrown at me today and I think you guys should just take these answers as my thoughts you process these things you should not simply believe it because I said that that's what I think it means you should you know consider it process it Romans 1:24 his invisible attributes name II namely his eternal power and divine nature I mean clearly perceived ever since the creation of the world in the things that have been made so that they are without excuse I think Katie that while I do disagree with the Calvinist formulation of total depravity which I would more want to say is total inability as an inability to even respond even with the work of the Holy Spirit not having regenerated you but having called you to God the Holy Spirit is calling you to God and you you don't even have the ability to say yes to the Lord like that would be total total depravity or total inability I don't agree with that but I don't think Romans 1:20 relates to this concept at least not in my mind like I'm just reading it now thinking you're about your question I don't see how this relates to a total depravity it's simply saying hey everyone knows that God exists or at least has received sufficient knowledge to be aware that God exists whether they're currently knowledgeable of it is a different issue but they received sort of the culpable knowledge culpable revelation put it that way there's enough evidence out there showing God exists that everyone's without excuse regarding his existence alright let's move on to the next one misty Hendricks says how do you love God more well that's a great question misty I think there's probably a lot of good answers to this question the first thing that comes to my mind is where Jesus says if you love me obey my commands so that walking and obedience is a way of loving God and when as Christians we realize this is really beautiful my obedience is love like it's all about love this whole thing's supposed to be about love that my my simple obedience to Christ is an act of love to him he says if you love me obey my commands that's one way to love him another way to love him is prioritizing that is to say we we make sure he is more important than anything else in our lives either our own life or anyone or anything else in our life this doesn't ever amount to mistreating people it amounts to our highest allegiances to Christ and given a conflict between you know following Jesus and somebody else we always pick Jesus so that priority of Christ is another way to love him and this is how he uses the term I think when he says if anyone you know wants to come after me that he's got to hate his father and mother he doesn't really mean to hate like we we probably think of what he's saying is it's a selection term it's like I will choose Christ over even that over even them if if that conflict arises so there's a couple things misty obviously you could delight in this word the scripture talks about the lighting in his word so you're you're prioritizing the spiritual things that sort of thing let's see your gut raw go to says I feel the enemy attacking me as if trying to make me fail or fall please help me what can I do or verses to read oh wow got raagh I pray God gives me some wisdom to share with you brother um what verses to read as you're going through a time of feeling like you're attacked by the enemy I mean that one of the things that I think of is the book of Galatians I know that it may not seem like a spiritual warfare kind of a text but it seems like it to me he talks about in Galatians about the victory we have over the flesh how were crucified with Christ you see the enemy can attack you in a couple different ways but I think his his biggest victories in our life are getting you to sin getting you to yield to sin and ungodliness saying those are the biggest victories because those are the things that cause an internal issue not just an external issue and you can find victory in that as you read Galatians talked about walking in the spirit versus the flesh I think that's one of the things you can do I think that praying and fasting is also really wise going through spiritual issues there was a time where the disciples had trouble casting out a demon and Jesus says this kind of Lee comes out by prayer and fasting I think that the implication here for us as Christians is prayer and fasting are both things that can help you go through a spiritual struggle or battle that you're experiencing prayer I'm reaching out to God fasting and putting off the flesh the desires of the flesh like my my nature's desires so that I might seek the Lord more these are great things to do and I think there's there might be some obvious stuff in your life that you know it's causing you problems deal with those things primarily so got raagh I encourage you to do that but rest in the power of Christ and the goodness of God and the fact that God is there with you even in your struggles he may he may put you in a situation that is way more than you can handle that's true but you can trust him even in that situation and that's an important part of the battle is just choosing to trust God even in the midst of it let's see here we have a question from Dabney Langhorne how should we reconcile the baptism verses in acts acts 2:38 okay this is another baptism question let's look at a few verses here and I'll take your question and we'll try to deal with it I'm trying to figure out how you set this all up so I don't cause a disaster which happens on a regular basis so the first verse is acts 2:38 I should pull up my actual notes on baptism maybe I will let's see Peter said to them repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit okay so that baptism is is a is commanded is commanded the question is is it is it necessary because all things that God commands us to do are not just necessary for salvation can consider that that is an important point but let me here I'm just gonna pull up my actual notes on this on this topic because I want to take us to a few places I'm gonna have to like look for these where on earth do I even put those hope you guys will be patient with me here thanks for joining me by the way this is the live stream we do it every Tuesday at 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time or at least almost every Tuesday and mm-hmm that's not it all right I have this massive file with so many different documents in it here okay I'm going to look for my notes on this passage in acts 2 because I think that it would be fruitful ders to discuss it briefly okay I have a document here's 20 pages long I'm just scanning through to find my notes because I want this to be fruitful for you I would like for your question to be answered in a way that blesses you so let's see if I can find that yeah let me start by I'm gonna have to start by taking you to X 10 because that's what I can find in my notes right now so Acts chapter 10 is where Peter encounters Cornelius just note that it does relate to acts 2 he says repent to be baptized and then the result of this is they'll receive the gift of the Holy Spirit okay here's how this relates I can't find it in my notes but I do remember this this is how it relates to their salvation right when when they when they received the gift of the Spirit they're they're saved I think we if you argue with me on this ok fine but I'm pretty sure most of us would agree upon receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit they're saved so acts 2:38 Peters like hey you repent and be baptized now if you're gonna think baptism is essential to that then you're gonna have to say that in the book of Acts anytime someone receives the gift of the Holy Spirit that they must be baptized first so what I'm gonna say is while it was commanded in acts 2:38 that doesn't mean it was absolutely essential to receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit even though it's something God wants you to do and it's a very important how will I build that case um let's look at Acts chapter 10 not acts 19 that's a whole different all right so here in Acts chapter 10 we have an I'll read the story to you right at Caesarea there was a man named Cornelius a Centurion of what was known as the Italian cohort a devout man who feared God with all his household gave alms generously to the people and prayed continually to God about the ninth hour of the day he saw clearly division an angel of God come in and say to him Cornelius and he stared at him in terror and said what is it Lord and he said to him your prayers and your alms have ascended as a memorial before God and now send him into Joppa and bring one Simon who is called Peter he's lodging with Simon the Tanner whose house is by the sea when the angel who spoke to him had departed he called two of his servants and a devout soldier from among those who attended him and having related everything to him to them he sent them to Joppa now what's unique about this situation Cornelius is the first like public Gentile figure who will who will be obviously saved without becoming a Jew this is a really significant in the book of Acts as part of the theology of the book as a whole he's about to be saved right he's already interested in the things of God he's already interested in the things of God right he's alms and things like that prayers but he doesn't understand the way of salvation that Jesus has offered and so hints go get Peter now now let's see the passage I want to take you to a little bit later in the same chapter is verses 43 through 48 and look at what happens later as Peter arrives he shares the gospel with them and here we go first 43 Peter's telling Cornelius in his crowd Gentiles who were not baptized they're not circumcised none of those things it says to him all the prophets bear witness that everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins through his name no mention of baptism just belief at this point then to make it more clear while Peter was still saying these things the Holy Spirit who the Holy Spirit fell on all who heard the word did they get baptized no they just they just heard believed and then boom they received the Holy Spirit and the believers from among that the circumcised who had come with Peter were amazed because the gift of the Holy Spirit was poured out even on the Gentiles and notice the commentary it's the gift of the Holy Spirit remember that thing that that in the Acts to passage that they received after being baptized it was the gift of the Holy Spirit well these people received it without being baptized the gift of the Holy Spirit he was poured out well there's innocence of baptism right poured out for they were hearing them speaking in tongues and extolling God then Peter declared kid anyone would hold water for baptizing these people who have just received the Holy Spirit just as we have and he commanded them to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ then they asked him to remain for some days you can read Acts chapter 11 it makes it even more clear that these guys literally got saved at that moment but I think this is a great way to explain the earlier passage in acts 2 and I probably spend more time on this than I probably should have for the sake of I want to get to a many questions I don't want to just do it like four questions in a live stream so let me say that there and there's other teaching if you just search on google mike winger baptism you'll see several videos come up and you can kind of look for the ones you need there I actually uncover this and more content in those teachings so do you see these guys got saved then baptized and it actually helps make sense of the access to passage let's move forward niqab says why can't we be forgiven after the after death if God's mercy is forever well in the Kaua'i I think that the question isn't how long God's mercy lasts it's whether you have his mercy or not so God could obviously you know you know if people die in an unbelieving state rejecting him they he could give them another opportunity to be saved if he chose and some people think he does I don't think so I don't think there's any biblical reason to think that I'm not you know favorable to that view I think he gives them their opportunities in this life and then the point of its men wants to die and then the judgment I think that that implies that there is there is a permanent to our decisions after upon death but it's not isn't have to do with how long does mercy last it has to do with whether you have his mercy or not God's mercies forever but do you have that mercy have you received that mercy through Christ if you have it's forever if you haven't you haven't sadly brandy medvetz says do you believe we can lose our salvation brandy it this is it this is a tough question for me and I don't have a public teaching on it because I'm just not confident on my position on this issue this is one of the several issues where I I want to sit down at some point maybe even in the near future and just kind of hash through all the different relevant Scriptures there's quite a few of them and really look at them carefully and try to figure out where I stand on this on this topic I do not think though that you you know if you can't lose your salvation it's because of apostasy it's not just because you you blew it too much you know now you're unsaved or I'm talking about losing your salvation because you've rejected Christ then that that would be to me where the where the discussion is is it apostasy or not or would you say that like like the Calvinist view perseverance of the saints that simply those who are truly Christian would never turn their back on Christ and yeah I'm not really sure exactly where I stand on that topic let's see here wild hog King says why did God permit the serpent to deceive Adam and Eve um this is a it's an interesting question it really is why did God permit the serpent to deceive Adam and Eve well I mean he only deceived Eve Adam was not sieved scripture tells us it was just Eve but Eve Jo's to believe the serpent over God that's I mean yeah deceived but but deceived in a way that's culpable that has some sense of accountability there and yeah I mean I don't know why did why God did I could guess I could guess why God did but I feel like that's a little irresponsible to do a from a place I'm you know as its QA I'm doing it's not just like an interesting theological question it's as though you're looking for me to sort of justify the goodness of God in permitting this action and here I want to say I think it's more appropriate to say God because I know who you are I'm not gonna challenge what you've done I mean you're the God of all creation you're the maker of the world you're the the one who designed all things you know all things you are the grounding for all goodness of course you have a good reason even if I don't understand it I think the danger is when we think that we can look at what tiny bits of information we know about isolated events in history and we think that we can figure out why God allowed those things well that this seems to be a kind of intellectual arrogance and and the healthy thing for us to do is decide whether we will trust God or not and I of course I'm gonna trust God I think not trusting God is is literally an insane perspective I think it's so and forgive me for those who are thinking what are you talking about I don't trust God I mean the foundation of truth you don't trust the one who's responsible for everything you know you don't believe the one who created you you don't trust that's a really sad place to be but it's also an irrational place to be so yeah I'm gonna answer it that way I think Timothy sha Zhu says I'm starting Bible College in August and the advice for me Bible College go for it man have a great time Timothy make good friends but I would say this that here's a piece of advice there are certain topics you'll cover that you think aren't important to you later on down the road they might be important to you whether that be original language studies or if that be certain theological things where you're chasing it down and you're like I'm busy I got a lot on my plate I want to go hang out my friend but maybe it's worth doing it well so I would say whatever you whatever you know comes on your plate do it well would be my recommendation you have no idea what free termite come afterwards cdtv says why do we translate yoshua into Jesus and not Joshua so okay the the name Jesus is in in it's more Hebrew usage it's Yeshua but the New Testament wasn't written in Hebrew the New Testament was written in Greek and it's yaesu or ASIS and so we've got we've got that and then we have Latin influences later and then we have it going into other languages finally into English so it's Jesus it's basically because we have a Greek influence not a Hebrew influence the same name or at least almost the same name yahushua in the old testament we have translated as joshua but that's because the Old Testaments translated from Hebrew so we get Joshua if the New Testament was written in Hebrew we would probably be saying Joshua if you want to say it more correctly you probably want to say Yeshua but I don't think Jesus cares I think I don't think he cares I think the fact that he while his family probably called him Yeshua the fact that he inspired writers to put his name you know hey Suz i think that that is an implication that he doesn't care about his the various pronunciations I don't care if I go to Russian they call me Mikhail I don't care it doesn't matter to me I'm still the same person yeah if I go down to Mexico and they call me Miguel doesn't matter to me lord knows andrea Atlin says do women need to wear head coverings when praying or prophesying I don't think so Andrea but I do think that's another passage where I would love to spend a lot of time on it and bring like a really careful teaching on the topic so I don't think so in my opinion society's misfit says hi Mike in 1st Corinthians 1 1st Corinthians 3 3 15 or 13 15 I can't tell it seems to mention even carnal Christianity could a carnal Christian could be saved does this mean heaven will have some form of hierarchy between saved Christians hierarchy I wouldn't put it that way although I wouldn't have a problem I mean the problem with hierarchies in concept to me the problem in hierarchies is sin nature when you have sinful people involved in hierarchies you have at the bottom envy of those who are higher up and you have at the top pride and and whatever other attitudes of superiority to those that are below but if you take sin nature out of the picture hierarchy has no issues at all I mean God is certainly an in hierarchy you know infinitely above us but that's not a problem at all God is perfect God is good and so that's not an issue so I wouldn't have a problem with that on the other hand I don't think we have clear indications in Scripture that there are there's a hierarchy of I mean eternity let me take us to the passage you mentioned I believe it is chapter 3 yeah so this is speaking though it doesn't say it's speaking of authority it's speaking of reward and for those who don't know the passage this is talking about a judgment not of believers so much but a judgment of believers works or the things that we've done for Christ and so for those who were let me let me just read to you the passage we should get the context here okay so he's talking about the works that him and Paul have done as they share the gospel and and Paul I said Paul and Apollo's have done and Paul writes in verse 6 of 1st Corinthians 3 I planted Apollo's watered but God gave the growth so it's like the works now there's an analogy about planting and watering and growth well he'll move on to a new analogy in a minute he says so neither he who plants nor he who waters anything but only God who gives the growth he who plants and he who waters are one and each will receive his wages according to his labor oh there's some kind of reward coming to Christians is we're not earning our salvation but there is a reward of some kind that's coming let's see verse 9 for we are God's fellow workers you are God's field God's building according to the grace given to me like a skilled master builder I laid a foundation and someone else is building upon it let each one take care how he built upon it for no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid which is Jesus Christ now okay now we get to the new analogy now if anyone builds on the foundation the gold silver precious stones wood hay straw okay just context gave us this much the building is people who are working in blessing other believers in evangelizing to the world so this is about your ministry work whether you're in technically in ministry or not it's about the things you do for Jesus in your life to serve the body and evangelize the world that's the work well you could do work good you could do work bad so he calls them these different categories gold silver precious stones wood hay straw as you move down the list it gets worse wood hay straw like you don't want the word hay straw you want to you want to have work that's gold silver precious stones then he says this in the future right each one's work will become manifest for the day will disclose it because it will be revealed by fire and the fire will test what sort of work each one has done notice the fire is not purgatory it's not testing me it's testing my works it's as though my works are put up on the table and someone sets them on fire and if it's if it's the kind of thing that can be consumed by fire it's destroyed and if it can't it survives so the fire will test the work verse 4 14 if the work that anyone has built on the foundation survives he will receive a reward there's that reward he was talking about if anyone's work is burned up he will suffer loss though he himself will be saved but only as through fire the man gets to be saved but he's lost everything he had in the fire does this imply that there are carnal Christians that are that are really saved it it would it would agree with that idea I don't think that it's enough to teach that idea I think that you have to go further in first Corinthians 3 to see that there is a discussion about them being carnally minded to carnal Christians so to speak so there's something of a carnal Christian who's still say if there's a biblical case for that yeah but I don't think that what we've read here gives a hierarchy it only talks about rewards now there is one section that I mentioned that does mention something like a hierarchy and I'll I'll briefly mention it Jesus talks about when the Son of Man comes in his kingdom with his holy angels all this kind of thing he talks about the parables not the parables but rather the statements about his second coming in the Gospels and he says that one servant was was was really faithful and Hildur Seve like ten cities and one five cities and it's like what does that mean now this might be about the millennial State this might not be about the eternal state so this could be a temporary thing but that is probably the closest thing that immediately immediately occurs to me that might speak of some sort of you know I don't want to say hierarchy because there's nothing that says it that those people are above but rather greater responsibilities in the future Kingdom you could have that all right those are my those are my thoughts I smell because I'm like did people catch what I said there there was a couple of important phrases there that would clarify kiss and get rid of miss misunderstandings but we'll see how it goes RC Siler says best way use apologetics with your family well I think that the question of apologetics with your family is really a question about relationships it's about building bridges with relationships and I think you know my for what it's worth I'm not a pro at this but I'd recommend with your family build relationships with those people and from those relationships then you can slowly move towards things like apologetics you want to build a kind of relationship where you guys can tell each other different things disagree with each other and still get along I think is a relationship you want to build build a relationship where they don't feel threatened when you decide to teach them or talk to them about something that they don't know you want to show that you can learn from them as well these are all positive things so think about how to build the kind of relationship where when you do apologetics or you share truth with them it doesn't fall on deaf ears it's about building that relationship I think for family Anthony Farina Farina says could you explain saved by faith alone does that mean that if you go on sinning you still have salvation just because you believe struggling with this one thanks you rock all right thanks Anthony let's see well saved by faith alone is it's pretty it's pretty simple I think you already probably understand it but it's the idea that I don't do any works that contribute to my initial or ultimate salvation I'm gonna put it that way for those who are listening that and perhaps have a Catholic view of these things I don't do any works that contribute to my initial or final ultimate salvation that would be my saved by faith alone my understanding of it now does that mean that if I go on sinning I still have salvation just because I believe well in a sense it does I mean in one sense it does but immediately people are gonna take that way past what probably is justified does that let me put it this way does that mean that if you're a believer in Christ and you fall into sin does that mean that you still have salvation yes yes I think it does that's I think the nature of being saved by Jesus and his good works and his righteousness and not my own that means I have peace with God like Romans tells us therefore we have peace having been justified by grace we have peace with God oh I have peace with him because it's grounded on Grace and not my good works I'm not earning my salvation not initially and not later on not at any point some teach you you get salvation for free at the beginning but you have to do good works to see it through to the end I don't teach that I'm on the other hand on the other hand I think that when you get saved something really happens in your life the Holy Spirit enters your life and of course this is going to work its way out into your life in good works and so good works are an evidence of salvation but that doesn't mean that I'm doing good works to maintain salvation seeing good works as evidence of salvation is not the same as as doing them to maintain or obtain salvation so if you see a Christian who's just living in total sin recklessly careless about the the righteous living that God's called us to I don't think you're sinning so much therefore you're not really saved because of your sins I would think maybe you're doing those sins because you've never been saved maybe that this is the case now be careful about when you would say that about someone I don't know when to say that I don't really know people's hearts but in the hypothetical scenario that would be my concern is perhaps salvation hasn't happened in the sin as a symptom of it but I'm not saying that the sins undo the salvation that's a different view altogether let's see Leslie Johnson says what's the difference between a false teacher and someone whose interpretation you don't agree with oh well that's a challenging one in one sense but there's there's we can make it real simple right a false oh you know when I was to be like false teacher I'm thinking there's like essential elements of the Christian faith that they're teaching so they're like say Jesus is a creative being and he's just a man who was deified later at some point his life or a false teacher right that's definitely it now arguments over say inerrancy how do we view an errand see I don't think that's a false teacher thing where I'm gonna shake my finger and say a way away from me you know get out of here I think that's an important issue but I don't think that that is essential to the Christian faith so I would save the phrase false teacher for someone who's teaching like ranked heresy or teaching untrue things about essential Christian truths and then the secondary issues would be more in the realm of in-house debate and I wouldn't probably call them a false teacher yeah sometimes the line gets blurry in certain issues I admit that but that's my general view Joseph Brandenburg says what's Mike's opinion on nudity in art I had a disagreement with a friend about this and would like a third opinion I have given some thought to this because I encountered other believers godly men who definitely didn't agree with me on this opinion and they thought it's it's it's art so it's okay when I asked them to explain what they meant by so it's okay like because it's art I never got a good answer when I asked people to explain to me because I'm opposed to it right when I asked them to explain to me is it okay for a woman to just take off her clothes and stand in front of you is that Alright how about a man takes off all this clothes and just stands in front of you is that okay and they would be like no of course not that's not appropriate and I said okay but what if I make a really bad drawing of them a lewd drawing it's just it's a bad artwork no that's not okay what if I make a really good drawing and it's like so skilled it's so good the art is so good but it's the same thing it's just lewd you know artwork well well then it's art and I'm like oh this seems to me this is what Rome did this is what Las Vegas does they take sin and they dress it up as beautifully as possible I think that there are very few appropriate contexts for for nudity and I think it has to do with met with people having medical issues people are taking care of loved ones or so who you have you know you have to pay them take care of them that sort of thing but I don't think it's for art I think that that's inappropriate and people say well the human forms beautiful and I'd say well that's part of the issue it's the newer form is beautiful but humankind is sinful and so we protect these things we cover up these things because of honor we honor the human form by not producing this kind of artwork of it I think that that's a case I might make exceptions for medical textbooks and things like that appropriately but not for just art I think that that's inappropriate I can't think of a good justification for it maybe you can I'd be interested in your thoughts in the video description or in the comments rather if you guys think that there's this is okay explain why explain why it's okay why Playboy's wrong but you know Michelangelo making a nude sculpture is okay why is it okay help me out and you're wrong alright why at wahlberg walgreens says i know the evidence for jesus' resurrection is very strong but what about the evidence for his virgin birth no the evidence for the virgin birth isn't there isn't nearly as much evidence for the virgin birth as there is for the resurrection of Christ but here's a thought here's this - if we prove the central claim of Christianity the resurrection of Jesus with massive amounts of evidence are we going to require that every other related claim to Christian truth must be proved with that same burden of proof that to me seems unjustified it seems very unjustified right the the virgin birth we well I believe it because of because ultimately because Scripture teaches that I believe the Word of God is inspired and therefore I think that the virgin births really happened that's best my main reason for believing the virgin birth I don't try to build a secular case if there's a non-believer who's like proved to me the virgin birth I'm not I'll be like why what this isn't even the central doctrine of the Christian faith like the resurrection is this is what I want to talk to you about so yeah it's a huge I should I should think I had to answer this question better but it's a huge mistake to think that we should have the same burden of proof for every single element of Christianity and before we believe any of Christianity or that that say you know I can I can show that the Bible's inspired but then I have to prove the virgin birth independently of that yeah my argument for the virgin birth would be the inspiration of Scripture and then I would build that argument based on prophecy the testimony of Jesus the resurrection of Jesus was just does bear in on the inspiration of Scripture itself and the other historical evidence supporting him I guess that would actually be kind of a strong argument frodo ace has hi mike what's your take on acts 4:32 through 37 how come we don't see this in practice more in congregations today I probably can't answer why congregations do or don't do things today I'm certainly not in a position to have an opinion about churches in general most of us have a small sampling of churches and we assume that that represents churches all around the world when we don't really know what's going on with churches around the world acts 4:32 now the full number of those who believed were of one heart and soul and no one said that any of the things that belong to him was his own but they had everything in common and with a great power that apart the apostles were giving their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and great grace was upon them all there was not a needy person among them for as many as were owners of lands or houses sold them and brought the proceeds of what was sold and laid it at the Apostles feet and it was distributed to each one each as any had need the this is the socialism passage of the book of Acts I'll call it that that's that's how it's used let me give you some context for this why I don't see this as a it's a you can do this churches can do this if they want if they want not by compulsion if they want they could do it but it is not for one it's not about government no government was involved to - it didn't happen later it seems it happens in this one moment in Jerusalem at this season just in Jerusalem but when the gospel goes up to other cities that doesn't seem to be happening there and I start puzzling myself as to why why is that why is it that that it was done in Jerusalem but not in other places what would motivate them to sell what they had and I think the answer is this okay you need to get the big picture context it's not like a bunch of people got saved and then they became you immediately come you know living as part of Christianity so it's not what's happening here here's what's happening Jews from around the world gather together for Pentecost this isn't a Jewish feast that people from around the world come meaning they're travelling and they're only on a short-term trip maybe it's a week maybe it's three weeks but it's a short-term trip they're coming for Pentecost so they gather for Pentecost there they are at Pentecost they get saved they see the Holy Spirit working in the lives of the Apostles they receive the gospel of Christ they get saved and what's next they've just barely they're baby Christians and they don't want to leave they want to sit at the Apostles feet and learn so how do they stay when they hope they live in faraway places well they start selling their lands they sell their stuff and they pool their resources to become a community of new believers sitting at the Apostles feet learning this was a great idea at the moment this is a fantastic idea at the moment but we don't see it as a policy we don't see it commanded in in other places you know when the gospel goes to Ephesus we don't see communal living happening there when it goes to Corinth we don't see it there when it goes to Antioch we don't see it there we don't see any of those things and so this is this was like a unique thing that happened for good reasons and in a wonderful way but it was not a policy to be followed by the churches so I think that that would be why I would not expect churches today to follow this but they could if they chose to now we have to them in their situations maybe they're in a unique situation where it would be good idea I'm outside a question I was I'm gonna prioritize this because with my buddy Cameron sent it to me and he probably he's probably not listening this whole Q&A Cameron I know I know you're not was in the Q&A but you might maybe so here we are we're almost at our Inn and here's his question he says he says Mike answer my question during your stream about demons the question is what powers or abilities do they have the powers or abilities of demons now and this is an interesting question it's also a bit of a weird question when you think about the reality of that like we're living in this reality right so let me say how I would do this um I would think that scripture doesn't tell us a whole lot about what they can't do I don't think we see a whole lot of like demons can't do this can't do this can't do this nor do we really see verses that says demons can do this can do that all we see is things that they're actually doing and then we can try to draw from those verses you could just go gather all the verses where demons do something and you could try to pull together okay well then what therefore are their abilities capabilities capacities what are they so we see possession I take demons to be the this basically the same thing as Fallen Angels if you have a different category for these things if you think these are different categories of beings then your answers gonna be different than mine but um but yeah so possession that's a possibility there can be possession you can even have multiple demons possessing one person we see this in the book of Mark for instance Jesus casts out lots of demons out of this one guy so we have demons that could possess when they're possessing people they could actually control people they can control their actions they they can influence their thinking at this point for sure we actually have a man who's insane who's insane in the Gospel of Mark because of the demon possession that's going on when Jesus casts out that cast out the demon it's then he's found in his right mind clothed in his in his right mind so they can cause doesn't mean they're the only cause of insanity but they can trigger that I do think that they may be able to aside from possession that they may be able to actually affect our thought life in other ways and this is for a couple reasons I in my own life and in a lot of people's lives they would say that they've had thoughts that they felt were just not of them and that they were seeing demonic in nature now that's very much not my biblical argument but that's my practical sort of like life argument I think that that does happen I think we can get thoughts thrown at us it doesn't mean they can read our minds I don't have comments on that I don't think they can read my mind but I don't have to read your mind to put a thought into your head I'm just talking right now I'm putting thoughts in your head and I don't even know where you are right now so you know there's some way in which they can you know inspire ideas or thoughts we get this with with Judas it says that Satan had put it into Judas's heart to betray Jesus now this is before this is before Satan possessed Judas that's before that he puts it into Judas his heart to betray Jesus so Satan can do that I think that his his minions can do it as well I think that that's a safe thing to assume so yeah in fact we have in scripture talks about doctrines of demons another scripture tells us there's doctrines of demons to be aware of well demons wouldn't be able to communicate doctrines to people unless they could put ideas in people's heads in some fashion so there are doctrines of demons behind idol worship it's said that there are demons now this would imply that demons somehow are inspiring or receiving the religious fervor of false religions so the demonic things are going on when you have the worship of false gods or false worship of God that kind of thing which is really interesting because that means that when you enter into an environment where witchcraft or New Age practices or false religions are going on cult gatherings are going on you know weird you know sage worship is going on and and you enter into those environments it's not as though it's devoid of spiritual power rather the spiritual power is simply not God it's demonic things that are going on and Satan disguises his ministers as angels of light meaning that they do like to present themselves as a wonderful godly religion there's a few things that I think demons can do I hope that I hope that helps at least get your get your wheels turning on those issues let's see I'll take another question from the chat here Michael Edwards says on his question why can an atheist be a better person than a Christian by the way I'm a Christian well because humans have free will that would be a good reason yeah humans have free will but I want to add this to it is that when we say better person we're often judging by a really skewed standard right like my standard for what a good person you are has to do with how you treat me and the people I care about generally right it doesn't have anything to do with your inner heart it doesn't have anything to do with whether you love God or hate God I mean isn't loving God kind of a big deal it's like a bigger deal than even how you treat people so if an atheist is rejecting the God of all creation he's not really a great person is he now maybe I feel like he's a great person because he helped me out or he seemed like a philanthropist or he was a lot of good for certain people in certain situations so he has pockets of what seems like goodness and in those pockets he's a lot better than some other people even Christians in their pockets but I just think we're not if we're not capable of evaluating each other's goodness very well and that we end up coming up with wrong calculations because we're looking at a select pocket of issues that matter to us and ignoring other things that are much more important even to God let's see question from Daniel comma see would God ever ordered would God ever order a kill such as in the Old Testament so like like say the the slaughter of the Canaanites the killing of the Canaanites you know that we're in happening the land of Israel would God order that to happen I think that for one first response I'll have I'll share a few things about this first response I would have is that God you would the onus would be on the person who says God would never do that right they would have the responsibility this major burden to prove that under no circumstances for no reasons and for no justification could God ever do that that is a big burden that is quite a burden I think that there is justified killing I think that that's very clear and I think it's clear in Scripture right I mean God he commands the death penalty so in God just commanding the death penalty for certain people if if as a slave owner beat his servant and the servant died the slave owner gets the death penalty that's in the scriptures so if you think that yeah that's right he should get the death penalty you life for life right you you did you did a Urso you you get the death penalty now you may be opposed to the death penalty personally fine I think I think that Scripture is showing us there's a moral proper moral thing here although it's a strict morality that gives you just what you deserve which humans cannot handle in all honesty we need Jesus that's the whole point Drive you to Christ but at least in principle the death penalty is the Just Desserts for a murder so God could command to kill and he does in lots of places in the Old Testament in particular in the New Testament Jesus predicts that he's going to come and he's going to be the judge of the living in the dead Jesus said I'll tell you who to fear fear Him who after you're dead can can destroy your soul or send your soul to hell I'm trying to member how that's worded they're forgiving me for you have you conditional ists I know you're on me right now cuz you're like me you didn't call that right I've just I'm just forgetting the exact word forward quote but um but the the thing I'd say is is yeah so God God can clearly in the Old Testament at least in some circumstances he does order order killing and I think he's right to do so God is the is he has a right to kill I know this sounds harsh and I don't then and this is this is the kind of cliff I know an atheist is gonna be like ooh I could pull that out of context and use it make another video about Mike I get like an atheist video a week about me by the way don't you guys knew this I got one just the other day utterly misrepresenting me take me out of context it's alright I'm used to it and at least they're putting me in front of their audience maybe the gospel will get out to one person it'll be totally worth it so yeah but no I think God has a moral right like he has a right as the one who has the right to kill and to make alive he can make life and he can kill life that's his moral right he can do it no one can impeach him he can simply decide for his own reasons that that's this person I want I want them to die that's my agenda that's my goal for whatever reason and he it's unimpeachable now if you think that God is not good that might scare you but if you think God is good and holy I don't see why this would bother you I don't I don't see it I don't get it and I don't understand why it would be a hard time for someone I'm not saying it isn't I know it's a hard time for lots of people I just it's like I've thought about it and I I don't understand why it's a hard time I trust God and I believe he's holy and I believe he is so sovereign that he has a right to even kill now that means that if he commands someone say the Israelite to kill somebody else say a Canaanite that they're doing it on his authority not on their own so normally if they just went and killed that person that would be absolutely immoral that would be murder they would get the death penalty as a result but because it's a command from God now they have they have a responsibility to follow through with that command so yeah the in principle that's true the problem with things like the 9/11 bombers or something like that is they did not have a coming from God and so with it was a whole moral atrocity because was absent a command of God alright we'll take a couple more questions you guys already did that one all right brandy Medved has another question speaking in tongues it is something that really confuses me is it real I struggle with what to believe well I mean it's absolutely real as we see it happening in Scripture I guess you might be asking is it real today is it really happening today I'm inclined to think yes but I also think it's a very easy thing to fake and so I don't know when it's real over here when it's real over there and I lack the wisdom to be able to just look at people and make that decision but guess what I don't have to I don't have to decide those things I do think that if a church engages in things like speaking in tongues they should do so according to the restrictions of first Corinthians 14 I think they should carefully obey what God says on those topics but I'm absolutely open to it and I think it can be a wonderful thing and it can also be easily faked because you can just make noises God God be glorified in it and uh and I I would encourage you separate this issue into multiple categories category one what is the biblical understanding of this of this issue I'm gonna trust that category two what about my experience with these things let's deal with that let me let me talk to God about this issue and let me deal with it that way I don't have to speak in tongues to be saved you don't have to speak in tongues at all but reconcile yourself with what the Scriptures teaching on those issues question three how do I go around figuring out who's right and who's wrong when they say they're speaking in tongues and on that issue I say this isn't really your job you don't really have to worry about it that much they're accountable accountable before the Lord on those issues unless they're in direct violation of a clear teaching in say first Corinthians 14 I wouldn't sweat it too much and I would just move forward theological theory has a question how does one make sure that he does not evaluate or elevate Christian thought and scholarship above God especially in disciplines like apologetics how do you avoid making the intellect an idle man this is I think theological theory this is like a real serious issue how do you avoid it I think it helps to realize that you're just you're just a man or you're just a woman you're just one person and that you're not going to ever wrap your head around everything and that you have at the foundation of all these things that you're doing with apologetics and theology I have the realization that in the end of the day you trust the Lord you trust his goodness you trust his word and then that place of doing it with Jesus's as Lord in your heart that's a really healthy healthy thing there are those who in in this realm of theology and apologetics stuff they almost it feels like some are trying to reinvent Christianity to be more palatable some the minority not even the majority right just some I think that that might be an abandonment of that principle in Proverbs like trust the Lord with all your heart lean on your own understanding and God give us wisdom in those things yeah yeah and don't don't take what what scholars say is oh well scholars say it therefore it must be true I think that what we should do is we should be able to also see it with our own eyes if we care about their scholarship we should be able to like look at it in context and see the points they're making and validate those things so I'm sorry for my rambly answer to you I'm trying to think of how to summarize what I think are like a bunch of different issues so as it'll make sure that they don't elevate Christian thought and scholarship above god I think you just make sure that your own personal just being a Christian not a thinker just a Christian your own personal allegiance and committal to the Lord is intact at all times and you don't think that apologetics is gonna replace your devotion to Christ on a personal level Joshua LeClair says is a degree in science of religion with a specialty of apologetics worth it I think it depends on what you're gonna do with it Joshua yeah I think and but I'm probably not the right person to ask for this I would actually consider talking to reaching out to like Christian academics who have had degrees and ask them say here's what I'm thinking do you think I should do this shoot him an email if you're reaching out an email to guys like that I recommend keep your emails short long emails get less answers short emails get quicker more answers but yeah that would be my recommendation depends all you're gonna do with it you have to have an end goal in mind or just a degree already have like a something to do with that degree I guess I'm J says who is the bride of christ and 144,000 and revelation i think i have a video on that somewhere i think i got a video on that don't I anyway the hundred forty-four thousand just read the chapter in context it is Jews there's twelve thousand from each of twelve tribes their Jewish people their Jewish people it's just that easy right the Bride of Christ is everybody who's ever known Christ right we're all part of the same bride 140 144,000 are I think ultimately part of the bride but they're a special group mentioned in Revelation and they're Jewish people they're not it's not Jehovah's Witness stuff and it's not Chinchin G or whatever that that cult group says Patrick Trent says do you think people should go to college to be a pastor god bless you I think people can go to college and it will help them equip them to be a pastor I don't think it's necessary personally I think that pastoral ministry is about a calling and and and a and a charge that okay I like for pastors in my opinion to be recognized by the local body where they serve and the body looks at them and they go wow look we're seeing you serve we're seeing your minister we're recognizing the calling of God in your life we believe that the Lord has called you to be one of the Shepherd's of his people and we're gonna we're gonna entrust you with that task really hands on you will pray for you I think you want the local body to be supportive that's primary I think the degree is a secondary but nice thing to have as it prepares you to better handle God's Word to learn from those who've gone before you and that kind of thing I'll do one more I'm just having fun with you guys I know we're going a little longer the live stream but hey you could just click away so um society's misfit says hey Mike in 1st Corinthians 3:15 it seems to mention even carnal Oh already read that alright Ashley says I left at church because they taught King James only and only saying the hymns they thought that CCM was worldly and not pleasing to God but it really liked the warm loving people I wouldn't I wouldn't care if I went to a church that only taught from the King James because I don't think long with the King James I just don't think that King James only ISM is correct I think that's very incorrect and it's conspiratorial and it causes division in the body of Christ I wouldn't leave a church probably because they teach from the King James um but that doesn't mean you didn't have a lot of other things going on I'll bet you have a long story Ashley that's pretty complicated to really explain it all and hopefully you know God gave you wisdom and use the right decision yeah so interesting what you shared there I realized that there isn't actually a question in that so I'm I'm not really sure what to tell you there but I will say this for those of you who are going to churches here's my thought and hopefully you're all attending fellowship your church isn't perfect your church has issues the leaders in your church have issues you have issues be the body of Christ try your best to hold together to get along to not find reasons to cut each other off and to forgive and get along and pray for compassion for those you feel bitter towards I mean really stop and pray every time you're better pray lord help me have compassion for that person and I'll be loving the way you love them I don't think churches can survive without forgiveness being just passed around all the time and I don't think you and can survive in fellowship with other believers without grace and forgiveness being passed around a lot all the time so I encourage you please don't be quick to it to leave your church unless it's rank heresy don't be quick to leave a church be slow be thoughtful be patient be committed to one or there as the body of Christ and take each other with your bumps and your warts and try to try to make it work as best as you possibly can and one of the goals of my ministry was this that it was my Bible teaching that goes on online that churches where you attend a church you love the people you fellowship wonderfully but you feel like the teaching is just a little bit milky or a little bit weak here's a resource that will help bolster the teaching that you need and you can still be involved in that church and fellowship there and maybe in the future you're equipped to be the teacher who helps bring better meet God willing all right Brandon Guto says what good apologetic books do you recommend it totally depends on the topic Brandon if it's like evidence for God stuff like that I think that OnGuard is a very accessible apologetics book if you want a more scholarly harder version to read you could get reasonable faith this is the same book effectively William Lane Craig he wrote both so OnGuard is a great one if it's about evidence for God and for the resurrection of Christ but it's more of a short case for that if you're looking for is Christianity true if that's like your just is Christianity true and like kind of walk me through all the major arguments and I think the case for Christ by Lee Strobel is one of the best books out there was the first real apologetic book I ever read and didn't even know those kinds of things really existed and I thought it was fantastically done and still stands the test of time I think there's a couple places to start now if you're looking for other stuff that's like more focused I don't really know depends on what your focus is yeah let's see here Emanuel says my Christian friends says we should not offend people when we share the gospel my understanding they must get offended in order to be convicted for their need of Jesus your thoughts Emanuel I be between the two you guys I would think they don't have to be offended but I can't avoid offending at least a portion of them so I would say their offense doesn't factor in to me sharing the gospel maybe they get offended maybe they don't that doesn't factor in I don't want to create an offense with my attitude I don't want to create an offense with my bad behavior but if the gospel itself is offensive I'm not gonna worry about that I'm gonna share the truth of Christ unaltered and we'll see what happens and I think that's what Jesus did I think some people were offended by him some people weren't and he put it on them they're offended because they're responding to the truth of God and I think that would be a wise way to do it um yeah don't focus on how offended people are don't don't validate your ministry because people are so offended oh I must be doing it right or because people aren't offended oh they're not offended I must be doing it right this is this is unwise we have to evaluate our ministry based on based on faithfulness to what God has called us to teach all right we're going to come to a close pretty quick here but Ryan Jennings says hi Mike thank you so much for all you do what can you share a the Old Earth young earth topic of discussion I've been listening to a lot of Kingham but I would love to hear from you Orion I'll share with you a few of my thoughts and can I sit can I say this this is not what I'm teaching on the topic but here's a couple because I don't know really for sure what the right answer is on this issue another one of those issues I'd love to get into it in a lot more detail and I should mention this I've said it before but I'll mention it again in other videos I have all sorts of theology things I've thought over the years right but in my public teaching I'm trying to put like a little a buffer between everything I believe and everything I teach here's everything I believe in think but the buffer is have I vetted those beliefs have I checked those beliefs to make sure that I'm right in the text of Scripture at least to the best of my ability and in several topics I haven't gone through that vetting process to my own satisfaction so I don't want to be teaching publicly on those topics one of them is this topic of Genesis age of the earth that sort of thing so I don't want to offer to you my public teaching on these issues so when it comes to the age of the earth what I'll say is there's a bunch of different issues related to this and it's very complicated and I'd encourage you to be very patient and initially you might think ok here's Ken Ham over here here's here us over here I just have to pick which one I'm gonna believe and go with that guy I'm gonna say that topics actually a lot more complicated than that I recommend you be very patient don't rush to conclusions and hold fast to your trust in the in the trustworthiness of scriptures and all that this isn't a question to me the question is simply a my understanding this text rightly because everyone's dug their trenches and you're entering into the war zone where they've all dug their trenches they're all telling you jump in my trench and my thought is let me be patient that's all I got for you on that right Razia burgoo C says what is your take on Christians doing yoga I think here's my short answer if you're simply doing stretches and things that are healthy that's fine if you're involving weird spiritual elements that's weird and you should stop that would be my my short answer on Christians doing yoga yeah misty Hendrix says how do we know if Joseph Smith was wrong but the Book of Mormon is right because I see more contradictions within the DNC and not really in the Book of Mormon oh the Book of Mormon is it you know first thing you do as a Christian when you want to evaluate the theology of Mormonism is you open the Book of Mormon and you start reading it and it takes a while and you realize this isn't even about theology like the Book of Mormon is a long long long story that's what it is it's just a long story but it doesn't really get into theology the theology of Mormonism is more than that doctrine and covenants or the Book of Abraham that kind of thing if you want to know what they what they really believe you got to go to those other books so the Book of Mormons doesn't have this theology that's contradicting the plain teachings of Scripture it doesn't so much have that it has a long made-up story about a bunch of things that happen supposedly in the in the the area of North or South America depending and yeah it's just a long story so there's not a lot of these contradictions to look for in the Book of Mormon it's just not the place you're gonna look nor is there the theology yeah that's what that makes sense that's why now is the Book of Mormon right no it's not right um it has tons of statements about archaeology and history and about whole civilizations and massive wars it talks about horses existing in in the Americas before they existed historically in the Americas it talks about Native Americans having weapons and certain materials that we know they didn't possess at the time so it has historically inaccurate statements we can't find a single River mountain hill valley plateau nation people group that the Book of Mormon teaches about where as with the Bible we could find all we could find ancient Hittite from the Old Testament times but we can't find a single thing from the Book of Mormon to validate its claims so yeah it's definitely you can check it check it against its archaeology and historical claims don't check its theology because there's not much theology there to check all right well we're gonna we're gonna wrap it up I'm gonna answer the last one car master 6:9 says where's your church my church is the church where I tend and where I'm one of the pastor's there I'm not the senior pastor there but I teach a Sunday evening service there you're all invited to come 5 p.m. on Sundays in at 165 to 3 Bellflower Boulevard because our church has more than one building so we're at the 1653 building and we go you go upstairs and there you can meet me shake my hand and see my group of like 20 people that we get together every Sunday night and that's where I teach my service so this is in Bellflower California yeah 1 6 5 2 3 Bellflower Boulevard Bellflower California all right that's all I got for you guys thank you so much for joining me thanks my mods for helping out I pray that you had some answers that helped your heart help your mind helped you draw closer in some sense to Jesus Christ and I thank you very much for being with me next week we'll keep going also in the mark series I'm continuing doing the mark series and I should just all announce now as we're going through the Gospel of Mark I'm doing pretty much one video a week for the most part except for weeks where I can't and as we just finished mark 8 we're in mark 9 now as we continue through mark we're gonna get to the passage on marriage and divorce and I'm gonna do a whole teaching on marriage and divorce as we continue to go through mark when we hit mark 16 I'm gonna do a teaching on mark 16 and should that be in the text of our Bible in the first place so I'm gonna do a thorough teaching on these topics so those of you have questions like that you can anticipate those types of things and all that that's all I got to say god bless you thanks for joining me

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