by Mike Winger
Here are all the questions and time stamps to them. Thanks to Sarah Zimmerman for providing them! 1. 2:48 Do you think the flood in Genesis was local or global? Do you think it matters a great deal either way/affects the intention/theology of the event? 2. 6:41 Have you ever heard of John G. Lake Ministries, or Curry Blake? If yes, what are your thoughts on their theology? If no, can I pay you to research them? 3. 7:35 Can you explain the reason Jesus cursed the fig tree in Mark 11? 4. 11:27 What does it mean to be “born of water” in John 3: 5? 5. 15:13 Is Romans 1: 20 a good verse to help refute the doctrine of “Total Depravity”? 6. 16:59 How do you love God more? 7. 18:28 I feel the Enemy attacking me as if he’s trying to make me fall. Please help me. What can I do, or what verses should I read? 8. 20:22 How should we reconcile the baptism verses in the book of Acts (Acts 2: 38, 19: 5-6, 10: 48, 8: 16) with Matthew 28: 19? 9. 27:29 Why can’t we be forgiven after death if God’s mercy is forever? 10. 28:24 Do you believe we can lose our salvation? 11. 29:22 Why did God permit the serpent to deceive Adam and Eve? 12. 31:21 I’m starting Bible college in August. Any advice for me? 13. 32:00 Why do we translate Yeshua into Jesus and not Joshua? 14. 33:19 Do women need to wear head coverings when praying or prophesying? 15. 33:35 In 1 Corinthians 3: 15, it seems to mention that even “carnal Christians” can be saved. Does this mean Heaven will have some form of hierarchy among Christians? 16. 39:08 What is the best way to use apologetics to witness to your family? 17. 40:02 Can you explain “saved by faith alone”? Does that mean even if you go on sinning you still have salvation just because you believe? 18. 42:37 What is the difference between a false teacher and someone whose interpretation you simply don’t agree with? 19. 43:42 What is your opinion on nudity in art? 20. 46:03 I know the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection is very strong, but what about the evidence for His virgin birth? 21. 47:49 What is your take on Acts 4: 32-37? Why don’t we see this practice more in congregations today? 22. 51:25 What powers or abilities do demons have? 23. 55:27 Why can an atheist appear to be a better person than a Christian? 24. 56:44 Why would God ever order someone to be killed (ex: in the Old Testament)? 25. 1:00:57 Speaking in tongues is something that really confuses me. Is it real? 26. 1:02:32 How does one make sure that he does not elevate Christian thought and scholarship above God, especially in disciplines like apologetics? How do you avoid making intellect an idol? 27. 1:05:11 Who is the Bride of Christ and the 144,000 in the book of Revelation? 28. 1:06:01 Do you think people should go to college to become a pastor? 29. 1:07:06 I left a church because they taught KJV onlyism and only sang hymns. They thought that contemporary worship music was worldly and not pleasing to God but I really liked the warm, loving people. 30. 1:09:24 What good apologetic books do you recommend? 31. 1:10:27 My Christian friend says we should not offend people while sharing the Gospel. My understanding was that they must get offended in order to be convicted of their sin and see their need for Jesus. What are your thoughts? 32. 1:11:40 What can you share about the “old Earth/young Earth” topic of discussion? 33. 1:13:37 What is your opinion on Christians doing yoga? 34. 1:13:54 How do we know if Joseph Smith was wrong theologically but the Book of Mormon is right? I see more contradictions within the D&C and not really in the Book of Mormon. 35. 1:15:53 Where is your church located? If you want to support the work I do with this ministry then click here.
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