Romans 13:8-14 by Mike Winger
What exactly does the Bible teach about the morality of debt and wisdom in money matters. Does "owe no one anything" reflect a moral rule on what the Bible teaches about borrowing? Or is it really about something different? This and more in today's verse by verse Bible study through Romans 13:8-14. Continuing our study through the book of Romans and trying to learn how to think biblically about everything. Upload schedule: Monday's 5pm PST: Bible Teaching Tuesday's 5pm PST: Theology and Apologetics Livestream (come and join me!) Wednesday's 5pm PST: Wisdom in the Word (a short video on practical tips to live in biblical wisdom) Subscribe and click the bell icon to get notifications when I have new videos or when I go live. Mike Winger (not Wagner or Wigner like some of you in the comments think, haha)
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