by Mike Winger
Some say the Bible forbids interracial marriage. Here's WHY they say it and WHY they are wrong. I'm still in the middle of making a series of videos on marriage, divorce and remarriage and since this particular question didn't really fit well into one of those videos I thought I'd make a stand alone video on it. I actually did some research to find out what passages of scripture people used to try to support a ban on interracial marriage (also called anti-miscegenation) and I'm responding to those particular passages and talking points in this video. Here's my full and in-depth teaching on divorce and remarriage in the Bible. This is my teaching on a biblical understanding of wive's submitting to their husbands This is my teaching on how to be a husband according to the Bible. Subscribe to get new videos every week and learn to think biblically about everything. Here's my web site
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