by Mike Winger
Open this description to see time stamps (or look at the first comment below). I'll get to as many of your questions as I can today. As always I won't pretend to have all the answers but will try to share what I can that may be helpful and will do so from a place of trusting Christ and letting the Bible be the authority that it is. Interested in ordering one of the new BibleThinker mugs? Here's the link (for shipping outside the continental US you can message them at this web site and work it out). The pricing of these mugs is partially because they are a fund raiser for me to continue doing this ministry. By having a product like this I can keep producing my teaching for free. I am now doing this ministry full time I want to keep researching and producing tons of free content. I never want to require people to pay utilize my teaching. Those of you who have the ability and the desire to offer some support will enable me to keep pursuing that vision. BUT, while I am opening the door for donations I don't want anyone to feel compelled to give, only do so if you really want to partner with me and you see the same needs that I do. Question Time-Stamps for Quick Reference: 1. 3:43 Is it O.K. for churches to focus just on discipling their congregation vs. placing any emphasis on community outreach? 2. 6:33 Would you consider books such as “23 Minutes in Hell” or “90 Minutes in Heaven” to be theologically accurate? 3. 8:42 What are two of your favorite prophecies that even atheists might think “Whoa!” when they hear them? 4. 11:24 What do you believe about the soul? 5. 12:49 Will you ever do a video on confirmation bias? 6. 13:41 Regarding apologetics, how does one go about getting the primary source info? How do I find objective evidence in a sea of biased online content? 7. 14:52 Is the Kalam Cosmological Argument a bad argument that has been thoroughly debunked, as many atheists claim? 8. 21:02 Is the idea of there being modern-day apostles biblical? 9. 23:58 In 1 John 4: 2, can this test really be considered sufficient? What about those claiming to speak by the Spirit and readily confess Jesus Christ, but push false teaching? 10. 27:20 When are you going to write a book? 11. 27:50 Does God change with culture? As time passes in the Scriptures, it seems as though God’s punishments for sin lessen in severity. He kills many in the O.T. but not very many in the N.T. 12. 30:52 Is the Sabbath Saturday or Sunday, and does it matter for Gentiles? 13. 32:23 Did Jesus have a human body before He came into the world 2,000 years ago? 14. 35:40 Atheists bring up the Hebraic cosmology now with the rise of “flat Earth”. What is your view on how we interpret the Bible scientifically? 15. 38:41 If there is a song with questionable lyrics or meaning, is it O.K. to sing it with different, more godly lyrics? 16. 40:15 Can you do a biblical look at Arminianism? 17. 40:32 How can we currently pray for Pastor Mike? 18. 41:24 What do I tell Christians who tell me I don’t have to keep the Sabbath, or that I can change it to any day I want? 19. 42:57 What are your thoughts on “eternal security” and Hebrews 6 and 10? 20. 44:02 Why do some people say that the woman caught in adultery in John 8 is Mary Magdalene? And why did they stone her and not the man who was with her? 21. 45:25 What are your thoughts on the Orthodox church? 22. 45:41 How should Christians deal with the issue of immigration, and what about the issue of criminals entering the U.S.? 23. 47:10 Question about future punishment, holidays, and the Mosaic law. 24. 48:19 In John 20: 17, why did Jesus not want Mary Magdalene to touch Him? 25. 51:43 What is your opinion of N.T. Wright’s view on Paul and his epistles? 26. 52:09 How should Christians apply Matthew 6: 14-15 to life situations? 27. 54:56 Is the idea that “God doesn’t give anyone more than they can bear” a biblical idea? (Especially concerning suicide) 28. 56:54 Is it a biblically defensible position to say that God the Father NEEDED Jesus’ sacrifice in order to cleanse us for the purpose of indwelling us with the Holy Spirit? 29. 58:23 Do you think you would believe in the resurrection of Jesus, were it not for the testimony of God? 30. 59:32 How can I biblically deal with my struggle with lust? I pray every day about it and I repent, but I still feel enslaved.
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