by Mike Winger
I try to graciously, honestly and without misrepresentation, deal with a number of important issues related to Catholicism; the Pope, purgatory, Mary, the authority claims of Roman Catholicism, historical challenges to official teachings of the RC church, theological problems with the gospel as it is taught in the official councils of Catholicism (especially Trent) and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The truth is that I wish I could say the disagreements I have with official Roman Catholic teaching were merely secondary issues. But, despite incredible agreement on many primary issues such as the inspiration and authority of scripture, the Trinity and the death and resurrection of Jesus, there remains the fact that Roman Catholicism teaches errors that seem to compromise the very gospel itself. I really wish I could affirm that the gospel is still in tact in the council of Trent or the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but I am honestly convinced it's not. So, with a heavy heart I think we need to talk about it. While the biggest issue here is the gospel I will still deal with a number of other connected topics and hope you'll find it helpful. Lisa Laizure's ministry - The playlist for this "Contending for the Faith" conference, which includes a teaching on Jehovah's Witnesses and on Mormonism. My website
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