by Mike Winger
OH MAN! I forgot to mention a really cool historical insight we get from the Mishnah! Apparently, Jews were expected to enter Jerusalem on foot when travelling there for Passover. This means that when Jesus entered on a donkey it would have stood out as particularly odd and unique. This give us another reason to see the profound and deliberate proclamation to be the Messianic King. I meant to share that during the study to help those who might think, "so what, lots of people ride donkeys into Jerusalem". This was obviously a lot more than just a donkey ride. Sometimes it's the passages we find the most familiar that we have the most new stuff to learn from. This will be a careful study of the "Triumphal Entry", or "Palm Sunday" where we intend to get a deeper understanding of the passage and hopefully a greater appreciation for how strategically ironic the whole thing is. Mark 1:1-11 is probably the most ironic passage in the book, in my opinion. Here's my study on 24 ways Jesus fulfilled Passover. Here's my study on Daniel 9 and it's connection to the timing of Jesus' sacrifice. See the WHOLE Gospel of Mark playlist here
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