by Mike Winger
My channel may be at risk due to a recent video being deleted by YouTube. I explain in detail in this video. If anyone from YT is reading this please reach out and explain to me what I did wrong so I won't do it again and unwittingly get my channel deleted. The video that was deleted was titled, "I've Been Looking Into The Hebrew Roots Movement and Here's What I've Found So Far" Here is a sample message you can send to YT to help by asking them to address this issue. Make sure that whatever you send them is sent with honesty and respect. Thank you. Dear YouTube, please reconsider your removal of the video “I’ve Been Looking Into The Hebrew Roots Movement and Here’s What I’ve Found So Far” from the channel As a YouTube viewer I have watched the video and read the YT policies on “spam, deceptive practices or scams” and think that this video was falsely flagged. If you still deem his video a violation of YT policies then please let Mike know specifically what he did wrong so that he can comply with YT policies in the future and avoid further consequences. I love his content and don’t want it to be deleted because of a misunderstanding. Thank you for providing such a wonderful platform for content creation! If you haven't watched the original video then rewrite your message accordingly. Thank you, Mike
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